Sunday, November 20, 2011

shirt and hat

so this is what I found from online shopping this weekend. I really like the hat the most. Right now I'm completely holding off on any spending, especially after the doc visit. All funds are saved for the nyc trip in Dec! but if I were kicking some money around, I'd buy this shirt and hat absolutely. the blue and gray striped shirt is the same Burkman bros shirt I got in Austin, but mine is orange and blue. I like this gray and blue one a bit more neutral and then I'd love to wear the orange hat with it for some color and contrast. At 6'1 and w32 I've always been the tall lean type and for that I alway shop horizontal lines. the long sleeve gray t-shirt is about the only thing I liked on the site, everything there right now is a patchwork sort of style that I dunno seems a bit youthful/trendy to really want to buy any of it. Although I love the bold design of the brand overall. Anyone else shop online much? I think for me, I just like the idea of shopping for stuff that's not found on the shelf here in OKC. I am hoping to get back to NYC next spring with my Austin buddy if at all possible, but I decided I should really consider another big city like CHICAGO, and of course I got a long spring break coming up, and that's when I hope to get back to planning that train trip around Europe like I had considered for Fall break. I want to be an overseas traveler again!!! :P (time will tell, I'm teaching two classes next spring at the community college so I hope to save all the extra $$ for some TRAVEL. Although honestly some of it will go to the truck and house first.)


Anonymous said...

horizontal lines are good but the clinging cotton knits always make a slender person look skinnier than a conventional shirt. just sayin...
i love chitown but it aint no nyc especially for shopping. yuck!


Mike said...

Chicago is one of my want to visits also!