Sunday, November 13, 2011

jimmy moreland is hot


jonathan said...

Anyone picking up kind of a gay vibe from him...?

dan said...

I get the vibe he's probably a super nice guy and would be fun to chat up at the gym, gay vibe though...I dunno, depends how many beers ya got into him and how free he was feeling away from home maybe... ha ha

Anonymous said...

he's a cutie alright. i'd definitely spring for however many beers it took to settle the matter.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pick up on any gay vibes, I'll rewatch it. Yum, he's my type for sure, if he is I want a date.
hell, I spring to fly him to me !
you're totally right about the beer thing Dan, reminds me of recent events, gay/straight/curious ? I hate labels, he seems so cool though