Saturday, November 26, 2011


saw this move last night with my married buddies from AR who were in town. It was EXCELLENT, although it wasn't what I was expecting from the previews. for some reason I went in thinking it was going to be some animated robot fantasy adventure. and it's more of a kid adventure with real people the whole movie. althogh the acting is great, and the story line romantic and sentimental, the film is highly stylized and would be any film history buff's dream. I just loved the setting, a train station in Paris. It kept reminding me of fall 2008 when I met H from Austin there and we had a great weekend and then a mad dash by taxi to the train station to get a train to the airport. he made his flight; I didn't make mine. ha
that's another city I MUST return to, I'll have to keep it up on that list with Barcelona most definitely! We saw the movie in 3D and it is a beautifully made film.
slept in this morning, some personal computer time, grading essays, fished around youtube watching bbc clips of this or that.we had a lot of good rain come through yesterday and last night which I'm thrilled for after the long drawn out hot hot too hot summer. get all the water in the earth and quench the trees' roots' thirst. I planted two new little tress last spring and somehow kept them alive all summer with a hose on the dribbling about every day. One is a Zelkova serrata 'goshiki' which is chines tree sort of like an elm and with beautiful dark green variegated leaves. The other tree was a Japanese maple, but not Acer palmatum, it is Acer triflorum. which has compound leaves with 3 leaflets. I thought it'd be fun to try one out back in the shade, but I tell ya, the hot dry summer wind about had its way with that little thing. BUt as a gardener, one must always have hope and patience. let the plant dig its roots in and wait the next year and the next, until all stars align and you get a bursting show of reddish orange color one fall. ha
Anyone else go out for movies this weekend? there wasn't a whole lot showing that I wanted to see really. I think the next big flic I want to see at the theatre will be the Tintin movie coming out in December, and then of course, Warhorse but not til after I see it Dec 8th on Broadway first! ha


thatguy said...

Don't judge me, but 'The Muppets' was pretty great. :D

Kevin said...

Didn't know you were that much of gardener... nice choice for the trees. Have had my share of watering plants this dry summer too, but it's worth it.

Tintin is already playing some weeks here but didn't see it yet. My bf doesn't like it and I don't like going alone, so I'll wait for downloadtime haha. Liked the comics a lot as a child, and the catroons on tv too.