Sunday, November 27, 2011

gay on glee

well I haven't been keeping up with Glee this season at all, I mean I liked the first few seasons and the song and dance and soap opera tales...but then after the kids never graduated high school after pretty much acting like they were seniors the first season.. .I dunno the characters all sort of just seemed their age, like college kids or older. Of course I like all the Kristen Chenowith episodes and Gwyneth Paltrow. ha
well I watched an episode during this break from a few weeks ago. One where the gay characters Kurt and Blayne(Darren Cris) are talking about waiting before they go all the way. And then there is this guy from Blayne's former school who's coming on to him and stuff. I dunno I was sort of having trouble relating. First of all the couple discuss holding off and how that's what masturbation is for etc.. TO me it just seems sort of hoaky that two teenage MALES would stop themselves from comparing and sharing, especially given the freedom of being OUT and GAY and a COUPLE.... or am I not giving the modern day male sex enough credit of having that much control? I guess it's good for a story line, and true I've read many blogs of gay guys who never have fooled around and are waiting for the right one/time. so maybe.
another thought I had was later in the show when the couple are invited out to a gay bar and go with their fade ID's, and guess what, it's drag night, so there are the stereotypical gay drag queens here and there among the maybe 25 guys at the bar. and of all the juke joints guess who had to pick this one??? yup, the former closet football jock bully from Kurt's school. except now he's at a different school where nobody knows he's maybe gay, and he likes this bar because he can be comfortable with people who understand him and he says "apparently I'm what they call a cub." ( does that translate as 'bottom boy' does anyone know?) It's all so normal and wonderful here at the other side of the rainbow in this gay bar where everyone is in their own conversations hanging out and a few on the dancefloor etc...
Have I been stuck in OKC too long or is this an actualy depiction of a gay bar somewhere in the US? I wasn't buying it, I've been to gay bars in CA, Iowa (not sure how to abbreviate..oops), TX, NY, and FL and they all seemed way more cruisy loud and way different than the little friendly place on Glee. And what about the whole online connections these days, aren't kids finding all they want there first? no? I know on tv they show a pretty picture of everything sort of glorified. ANd I think it's great that the characters are even on tv, then everyone gets to see that gay is beyond sterotype and I suppose Glee shows us that being gay is not all about sex, practically beating us over the heads with it in fact, Do these gay kids ever have sex or ever talk about it? There was a portrayal of the guy coming on to Blayne, he was talking about meeting a guy at the club and hooking up and after 20 minutes who cared what his name was. I guess that is to show another side of gay guys who just sleep around for fun. And the funny thing is aren't they allowed? isn't that the stereotypical male bravado to sleep around as much as you'd like? should it matter gay or straight?
I suppose before Will and Grace, the most liekly common gay character was maybe jack tripper on 3's company. ha and he wasn't even gay but he would act stereotypically gay in a switch when the landlord came along. eww It is good to have a varitey of characters out there, there've been many on Real World no doubt. a good friend mentioned a Canadian movie called "Good Neighbors" that has gay characters and the whole thing was brushed over, the fact they were gay was just a side story.. well I'm not griping about Glee, just sharing thoughts. my only gripe was the lingering aging stars on the show. ha
I'd like to think and post later on the difference if any of gay guys raised religious and those not raised religious who still have a moral sense of waiting for the right one/time etc.. and why and what is considered "wrong". I think my family's faith the way I was raised made me consider being with a guy all the more wild for the whole taboo of the deal. yet, the taboo excitement also made it difficult for me to consider the contact within the frame of a real homosexual relationship. whatever that is. I know there are some beautiful relationships out there where guy/girl or guy/guy. and there are guys out there straight or gay who only want to have sex with different people. I suppose Glee attempts to show that young gay guys don't have to follow into that stereotype and can take it slow and wait. Does that feminize being young and gay? isn't it usually the girl that waits out on losing virginity and the guy who's always primed and ready? If not isn't it the religiously raised guy most likely to hold off pursuing sex before marriage? Will legalizing gay marriage inspire gay guys to wait until marriage? does any of that sound normal if you consider when you were in high school or college and there was only thing one thing on your mind waking up fresh and ready to go every morning?? ha


jonathan said...

Some of the characters graduate at the end of this year.

Also, remember it is network television. I think a storyline where two gay high school boys have a 2 minute sex scene (or even an implied one) is probably pushing the censors a little too far...

Curt said...

A 'cub' is a young 'bear'. You need to get out more. Come to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something constructive to do, instead of over analyzing Glee?

dan said...

yeah I know what a cub is. ha and YES I was very constructive all weekend. got tons done around here in and out of the house. I guess it's the ENglish major in me. that and when I'm busy I begin thinking of tons of different things. ha thanks for all the comments. these posts are just thoughts. :) dan

Anonymous said...

Think you misunderstood Curt's post.

In terms in gay men:
'Bear' = heavy set, hairy gay man
'Cub' = heavy set, younger gay man

There are variations on these, too.. eg., 'polar bear' = a 'bear' with white hair.

Personally, I prefer 'otters.' Those are slim, hairy gay men.