Saturday, October 01, 2011

short films and fall

hope everyone had an awesome fall weekend, I did. today was so great just woke up this morning whenever, checked online for emails and stuff, and then got myself fed breakfast and outside, milled around and then came back inside to grade some papers.. I rewarded myself after grading 5 papers with a trip to Lowe's to buy some yard stuff. then pizza for lunch and back home to dig in the yard. graded some more papers inside and cooled off, then back outside to mess around and listen to the OU game. GO SOONERS! next inside and more paper grading. :) Man I'll take weather like today any day. this shirtless college kid was walking by while I was out digging and we both said a friendly hey. ha. also this other guy walked by wearing slacks and a dress church, tuned out he was from a local baptist church, he asked it I already had a church and why yes I do. As he walked off I thought, good to see the Christian church getting out there and knocking on doors for a change, I've only seen mormons and johova witness before in my neighborhood so what a nice change! :) I also thought as he walked off, what if someone said to the guy "I'd like to visit your church, but I'm gay." I was kind of wondering what sort of response that might bring. I'd like to think a person would just say, all are welcome, come worship with us... but probaably unlikely. sigh
oh yeah, last night I went to the Manhattan short film festival screening downtown at the art museum. a good selection this year definitely! It's a worldwide event where they show these international short films all over the world and have the results sent in to NYC and then post a winner on Oct 2nd on their website. The two I liked the best were "Dik" and "The legend of Beaver" I'll include trailers for both. the Legend of Beaver Dam was surreal, the preview doesn't even give you and idea how cleverly the made it into a rock musical what happens, and it's so funny and yet still a weird eerie ending. I hope the whole film is on youtube so I can post it at halloween but I doubt it will be. My other favorite was "Dik" which is about a married couple in Australia who have a son, and he writes something in school that makes them think he's gay. and then the comedy ensues. One thing I have to say about that film is how great their attitude is towards homosexuality. Well actually the dad portrays huge concern that his son might be gay, but what I'm talking about is when the parents are talking about it and the wife is pressuring the guy to tell her if he ever experimented with a mate when he was a kid.. I like that they discuss it all as if it's normal to do so. I believe it is normal to do so. I also think that no kid knows their gay before puberty. I'm not opening up the bag of worms about whether poeple are born gay or not. I'm just saying how can anyone know before they even know what sex is. I've been mulling it over in my mind ever since the soldier's youtube video below where he calls his mom. And no disrepect intended 'cause he's aweomse for being so out there and all with his personal moments, but there is a point where he tells his mom he's known since he was 5. I'm not sure if anyone 5 really knows that, but it's probably more likely that as an young man he can think back at when he was 5 and say yeah that all seems to fit into me growing up gay. or maybe I'm wrong and a lot of readers will say, hell yeah I knew I was gay at age 5. I knew at beginning puberty that I liked pressing myself into the mattress in the mornings and I liked the shower to spray down onto the frenulum as I lay in the tub. but I didnt' KNOW KNOW KNOW I was going to be a gay dude or not at that point. I was just discovering what made me feel good. anyway, there is this married guy who says, yeah I got a blowjob before from a guy and it was great cause his wife was all teeth and the guy was absolutely awesome. he prefers sex with his wife, but while in Europe he met a guy and got a blow job. I like the idea of letting guys be more casual about the whole thing, without every guy pinning a guy gay just cause he's able to get off jerking off with a dude or more. Well I lost my point somehwere so enough. good weekend to all. I'll just say enough of the black and white either gay or straight. Just look at politics and see where polarization of both sides gets us. NOWHERE.... :)


Anonymous said...

I agree w/ your point of view about the soldier Randy phillips talking to his Mom on youtube. He's known since his was 5 ? no little boy/girl can understand sex until puberty starts. makes me think of the argument of the distant father and overbearing mother but i've meet guys that were very close to their dad and still were gay.
The subject matter is too intense and I think one that no one will ever agree on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Check your email. I was just going to make a comment here but it turned into a short novel.