Saturday, October 29, 2011

delay, no surprise....

we had a late night out fri at this pizza place in Brooklyn called Roberta's. It was very muy awesome pizza. yum. of course J and I arriving late on a Friday night, we had to wait about an hour for a table. but that gave my buddy L time to get there with 2 of his friends changing our table from 3 to 5. more wait ha, but once seated and excellent night with some REALLY tasty authentic pizza, oh the best! THere I am with 2 of my favorite former Central AMerican students, both grown up into such interesting careers and goals and such distinct personality. and 2 Brazilian girls who also were so interesting. and then of course we had some English language conversation with that sort of mix at a table. the girls' accent was charming and lovely. I've probably mentioned before how L since 7th grade is the exact same with his quick animated gestures. always talking with his hands and doing very direct sudden movements and wiggling his fingers. anyway I notice these things and always amused...
had the best of times, got home way too late. Up this morning and off to manhattan again with J on his way to work, some quick shopping, then back on the L to Bedford to have lunch with L at a French place called Fada, very good place! then back to J's apt to pick up my stuff and make my sad long trek to the airport. Yes, I looked online for cancellations... and continental said on schedule. so I trekked in the SNOW UGH quite a few stupid blocks with my now heavier shoulder bag with the laptop and all, and my carryon bag packed chuck full of everything and new things ugh!!!
next the L to 6 to grand central. express bus to Newark, checked in to find they had already rebooked me on a flight Monday morning. WHAT I DON"T THINK THATS GONNA WORK. ha stood in line for about an hour and got a guy to help me find a ticket, and he prints my boarding pass for a flight tomorrow SUNDAY at 3pm... oh please let's hope that the airport has flights going out SUnday!!!!! oh please oh please don't let it be overbooked etc!!! whewwwwwwwweeeehoooo!.... the rest is boring, I end up on the bus back to nyc, apparently the M doesn't run on weekends so even longer trek back here to the apt in brooklyn.... central and troutman if you know brookyville.
the fun part of the night though were all the costumes on everyone in the subway stations. that was cool. ok, going to crash. back in okc soon let's hope. :)

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