Thursday, September 08, 2011


someone's GOT to comment on that super hot pic of the three guys in the br on tuesday --- the things you could imagine about that pic......whew!!! :)

this week has been great at work. it finally cooled off so I've been out in the yard after the gym each afternoon. the kids are working through my lessons ok. I'm losing two of my classes this week little by little.... and in their place will be the smaller classes of newcomer students... woot woot... they are tough to work with as well but in smaller numbers I keep 'em in hand. the hardest part so far is a few of the kids dealing with a lot of home family problems, it makes 'em go bonkers at school sometimes or like want to do nothing in class...... I try to give 'em a little support and encouragement whenever I get an aside. I'm excited about trying innovative things now that I'll have 'em twice a day. for example start a lesson and continue during the second class I have 'em in each day... we shall see! :)
ok my monthly stock club report. today we talked about First Trust and Target GLobal Dividend Leaders reports.... ha. and we all LOVE Sandridge right now (SD) and we decided to buy shares of NRGY since it pays dividends of 10%... wallah. me personally I still want to buy some shares of DRYS but all my funds going to trips and stuff this fall. alas. hope all are enjoying the week. Best of wishes to my buddy 'rugbysex' his basement was flooded in PA from all rain. sorry my friend. send the rain to OKC!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dude I always love the pics you post on your blog, I forget to tell you, a very large portion are saved on my computer.