Thursday, May 26, 2011

HOTT scott herman...

this guy and a big black pro athlete in the same room gives me some ideas.... hmm


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
I LOVE, LOVE the banner pic of the two guys kissing. So sweet and hot. That's my fantasy.
Have a great memorial day weekend.


Volker said...

Scott is one of my favourites and have posted pics of him from time to time. Speaking to posting, I have done a post on Scott for a while! - V

Anonymous said...

"this guy and a big black pro athlete in the same room gives me some ideas..." my only question is where is dan in that picture? lol.
herman most certainly is hot, nice looking and a killer smile. i'm a butt man and he has one fine butt, but so too does the dude in the previous posted pic flashback. wow!

and i agree w/ nate...the banner picture is very, very sweet. so nice!

interesting...i listened to the chill to this music w/out watching the clip and got one very clear image in my mind. then i watched the video and it was totally different. TOTALLY! liked the music, not so much the video interpretation...but it was interesting.

have a wonderful holiday w/ your house guest!


Mike said...

The guy in white briefs and blue trunks do it for me. The guy in suits in your banner is quite hot too. Have sort of a fetish for guys in suits. There. I said it.

Anonymous said...

where did you get the banner pic, I want a copy of it.

Volker said...


Scott Herman (Scott Herman Fitness) is on FB. You could always get some pics from Scott if you like. Tell him I sent you. He's also one of my big fans and I'm one of his!
~ Volker