Thursday, May 26, 2011

alarm off but I'm still up

first morning that I got to sleep in with no alarm and I'm wide awake anyway. UGH
today I get to go in a little later than usual to a different school for a teacher development meeting that we're all making up today from a snow day. BUt still, I'm fully checked out of the building and job and lap top turned in etc. ahh yeah, great feeling. today is just going to be sitting around with a bunch of math teachers and then summer is fully ON. ha especially this next week no teaching until June 6th back to the college class, but that will only be two days a week at 10:30 on M,W. Working at the water park this weekend and next but that will be some extra fun money and also will get me out of the house. Really glad we got all the rain this weekend. All is fine here in OKC and I appreciate the concern with all the tornadoes ripping through Tuesday. A few years ago I was actually in my basement as a tornado hit just half a mile north of me, and actually strong winds damaged the roof of the school just down the street from where I live. I remember being on my cordless phone and the power went out so my sister was watching the news and telling me what the radar said. about then I felt the air pressure drop in my house, like the feeling you are under water or in a plane etc.. anyway I looked out the front door and saw wind and rain blowing horizontally across the yard and decided to get down in the basement, it wasn't but five minutes later all was clear and the neighbors were all outside saying hey and checking out the downed branched etc..whew, that's about as close as I've gotten so far. This week was just some rain through my part of OKC. good for the garden. well I'm going to try and jump back in bed and relax a little. I made it back to the gym yesterday and ran on the treadmill for about 40 minutes, I got caught up in some episode of NCIS on tv. ha. workouts start back daily next week. hopefully morning swims as well. :)


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hope ur summer is everything you want it to be my friend!

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