Saturday, April 02, 2011

my next husband... john grant!

well not really, but man I like his style and travels and looks , tormented comiong out past etc.. mr. hunky midwest musician..etc. by husband I really just mean a can only imagine what nice nice guys he's met using his german and russian... :P
been listening to John Grant's album Queen of Denmark since discovering it a couple weeks ago non home singalong. it's the lyrics, listen to them...


Anonymous said...

ok so he has a beard. do you currently have your's? he's gifted w/ are you. he loves do you. i'm guessing he loves to travel..something else you share with him. apparently he has religious convictions. ok. check. midwestern. check.
has he been able to accomodate his orientation w/ his religious convictions?
i don't know dan...sounds like a match made in heaven. only question tall is he?

Anonymous said...