Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"you're nothing but a pack of cards"...

Dan's favorite things... these decks of cards I started collecting back in 2005 about the time I started the blog most likely.. all found on eBay. this remains the first thing I type into the search anytime I find myself on that site. I may have posted about them before, but I'm up to 5 decks so I thought I'd get out the camera today..., none particularly mint, but that's ok, I'm just happy to have 'em. My goal someday is figure out a way to display a deck in a frame, something like below... This deck of cards was designed by the Eames for the 1970 world's fair, and I think IBM was a sponsor of some sort. Enjoy.


j.lee said...

thanks for sharing these dan.

d said...

I'll hit you up if I find any when I go garage shopping this spring and summer. Curious to see what they look like.