Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ikea dreams...

random dream post... last night I was on some great outdoorsy highway, somewhere mountainous...traveling who knows where and there were these semi trucks swerving on the road , and I barely missed one in my pick-up.. next thing I know I'm pulling into a truck stop and so here's the most vivid part. I was shopping around, they had some shelves on the wall opposite the counter, nice wood panelled walls and a bathroom door in the corner . I was looking at a yellow t-shirt but they didn't have my size, then next thing I find is a lacoste blue jacket, so I'm looking for my size, and then I'm in the bathroom trying it on, and I am looking at the sleeves are too short and go out to get a L and try that on, it's just right, I look down at how there is an alligator on the front left side and it's not green but navy blue, same as the jacket, then I look down and notice inside the jacket there is this detachable grey fleece vest sort of thing inside that attached velcro or not. Next I noticed the little alligater also had this sort of flap above it that you could hide the alligator behind or infront of. I remember checking it out in the mirror then going back out to find a blue knit hat but woke up at that point..alas. I think I must miss my blue jacket that I left in Dallas New Years.. maybe going back next weekend to Dallas to get it though. also plan to buy some stuff at Ikea while there, and shop the H&M store before it shuts back down there. At Ikea, I need some small wooden frames to add to the ones I got last year so I can do a wall full of them an idea I've had. and then they had this knit throw blanket thing that I've been trying to figure out how I could wrap it around a lamp and make it something interesting, and next there was a light fixture and paper lamp shade I decided I want for the home. good ole Ikea.
btw last week I had a dream of one of my students, luis, he was a a movie store at some beach city and I ran into him, and then in the dream I went back in time and saw him on the beach stealing some food from a place and running off and I caught up with him behind some restaurant and was telling him that I know he had a better future and to take care of himself and to strive for better etc.. and it was so funny how in the dream I knew his future, I was so sure, and I remember getting confused about, wait how did I know his future so exactly and so confidently...ha and it woke me up.. ha ha

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Phoenixkidd said...

Wish I could travel with you in the back country with you in that pick-up. I often dream like this--real life situations, real people, nothing too outlandish. Last funny dream I had my dog learned a few words to tell me what she wanted.