Thursday, December 30, 2010

under where...

what are you wearing...

post of some of my favorite outfits this fall..If you see me out in Dallas tomorrow night, say HI!
yes there are Scholls foot pads in the shoes, because they are 9.5 and I'm a 9 but I HAD to have the shoes. I also wear my North Face black jacket a lot but lately less so, it seems too conventional.

below is my favorite sweater hoodie I got in Austin at Stag during fall break, most likely I'll be wearing this new year's eve, basic grey crewneck long sleeve shirt that clings just right. black jeans and my current favorite shoes. :) It won't be cool enough in Dallas for the sweater or the scarf, but how about that awesome color mix in the scarf. nice!

more scarf pics just to share on the blog, the new scarf I bought this week with all the color stripes, and then the 2nd pic below is the blue quilted poly jacket I also got at Stag on fall break with the awesome wool scarf from my trip to NYC last year. the Afghan hat I just threw in the photo for fun, I don't really wear that hat. :)

so what's up?

Everyone got some new year's plans ready for this weekend? Dan will be in big D, which around these parts (okc) means Dallas! yup driving down to Dallas tomorrow morning and having dinner at Papadeaux with some friends(S. from okc and his friend from AR and our other 2 friends from Houston) tomorrow night and then we'll hit the strip in Dallas for New Years!! woot woot.
I'll be staying with my bud in Dallas from Speedy blog (for those of you who've read a while). He has a bf and will not be going out for New Year's, however I will see him for lunch on Saturday so we can have a good catching up hopefully.
tomorrow I'll be driving down early to do a little shopping. either Friday or Saturday am I plan to hit the Ikea store (yes I know, how gay, but they always have some great markdowns on Christmas so I like to stock up for next year there, and also the West Elm store at Mockingbird and 75. it's another favorite place to stop into for crazy markdowns on Christmas stuff. also there is a paper store across the street from it that I like for wrapping paper. blah. I like that mall in general right IN big D. :)
I'm currently researching about an outlet mall in Plano that my bud S and his friend want to shop while in Dallas. apparently it has a lot to choose from but I may be shopped out by the time I make it to the outlet, instead perhaps I'll just get back to OKC asap Saturday afternoon to enjoy a few more days before going back to work.....(it's coming, back to work!).....
I had a great time in AR this week. drove up on Monday and got back last night. had dinner with my best bud from college J who is married with 2 girls. after dinner with his family , he and I went to the bar downtown there for a beer and talked religion, economy, USA presence in Irael, and job plans and goals for our futures etc...always a good time seeing him. hung out with my college bud SH all day Tuesday, I always stay with her and her husband and 2 boys. She was a roomie one summer in college, and her husband was my roomie one year during college too. So they are great buds. I like playing around with their boys and then catching up them both. Especially since they are Christiam friends who go way back with me and know exactly where I stand with my faith and also my whole sexuality ordeal. we are always very open and frank with what I'm up to etc.... very loving supportive friends. and seriously they'd be happy to see me with a man or woman, they are for me being happy over all! what great buds!
If you remember I went to Senegal Africa 2 years ago while out of the country for tax reasons, well I saw the family that I stayed with there, they are currently in AR and came over to visit with their newborn. We caught up and visited and then went out for dinner all 8 of us. They know all about my sit. as well. great friends. I'm currently signing up to support them monthly now that I have a full time job again.. :)
today I am RELAXING and doing whatever. so great here at the house with my itunes on shuffle and some Christmas boxes out still getting packed, doing laundry, outside watering the flowerbeds and shrubs, running errands, etc. later will get in my gymtime, a good run and nice workout in prep for my Dallas New Year's. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

great visit

having a real blast in AR for a couple days. I was feeling the usual single life day after Christmas blues while taking down the tree Sunday thinking to myself why even bother going up to AR for a few days... but once here, as usual, having a great time seeing my best college bud and his wife and kids, and he and I went out for a beer after dinner Monday night and talked religion and economics and life goals etc... then went back to the married couple friends I always stay over with, an ex college roomie and his wife that I grew up with, anyway I gave him the whole ear full of my semi celibate'ness the last year and a half and how I'm trying to move on and get the next career steps in life started, as well trying to branch out and meet someone, the struggle and the decision to keep up living by my faith number one.etc etc.. great talk. we had also discussed my ex gf visiting at Thanksgiving and the implications and how I'm not pursuing it any further at ALL.
today ran around town shopping and found a pretty cool scarf I'll try and post soon. had some lunch after we picked up their kid from therapy, then came back home and waited for some missionary friends to come by with their new baby. this is the couple I stayed 10 days with in Senegal a few years ago while killing time overseas for tax reasons.
they are awesome and I caught up with both and talked family and life goals and next step in their ministry in Africa etc.. they go back in feb and I promised to visit again in the next few years, Lord willing. ha
Big new year plans, headed to Dallas on Friday morning, some more shopping and then new years eve with some buddies. back home Saturday.
hope everyone is resting up and enjoying the week getting ready for New Years! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

speedo santa

first two pics from a texas run. 2nd pic has some guys out and proud. I vote for #42....

those suspenders make me want to pull down the speedo all the more.. and looks like Amanda is doing all right. 2nd pic below looks like nothing was keeping him from leaving behind the cell phone, i bet he was remembering this run for a while talking on that phone... sniff sniff.

bulge, buns, belt?