Saturday, December 11, 2010

yes yes yes

wknd update etc...

whew, finally a saturday morning all to myself. getting a few more lights up today, and then maybe the tree? not sure, 'cause I have a LOT of papers to grade before Monday night class. however I'll make some time. I'm also getting some errands done this morning, I need to purchase some vellum paper and also some clear glass ornaments for some projects I have in mind. also some possible last minute shopping for my pop, and then maybe, just maybe get out some Christmas cards in the mail. :) wow all that and grading essays? and getting ready for a party? yup, I can do it. first thing I'm off to the drug store for some razors this morning, the beard is coming off, already did some damage to it with the scissors last night. as much as I could get off with scissors. ughghgh..
btw, how about them SOONERS!! last weekend was awesome, such a great great last game between to great rivals, OU and NEbraska. was so nice having two weekends in a row with some great sooner football.... now on to the fiesta bowl!
no football tonight though. double dose of Christmas parties tonight here in Okc. starting out around 730 I believe, a couple hours at a friend and his bf's place. Next we'll go up north okc for a guy I don't know too well but am going as a guest of my friend S. and his sort of bf from out of state. big house and big crowd, should be interesting.
good weekend to all, enjoy the season!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

so has everyone seen brendon ....

guys got nothing to cry about if you ask me.....
but come on guys, smarten up....girls aren't going to beg to see it. really?
I googled and came up with this site...if interested..

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

what the world, needs now, is love, sweet love...

I dont' ever want to grow up!

I want to continue to try every new thing and see every new place and learn how to do every new thing! I have absolute goals, definitley. I plan to eventually have my doctorate and teach at a college fulltime. And I realize I am very much an adult, and I LOVE IT, I love knowing what I can and can't do and the possibilities that still await me. I LOVE being responsible enough to save up for the things I want to do, I LOVE being secure enough to let my creative expressive side flow... I love having the experience and understanding of dealing with all kinds of people. I am both forever realistic and optimistic. I by no means am just sitting around waiting for something to happen. yes, I AM in complete control of making any change happen in my love life. I realize that. I don't mean to whine or complain on this blog, and I know that I do go on about the choices I have made and the effects they've had, for example no children. I also remain focused on keeping my motivations in life on my faith, not my sexual drive regardless which sex that is geared to find. I'm not in fear of anything, I am exactly where I'm supposed to be and only moving forward. I'm am not in fear of my parents or others or anything ... in the closet or no I agree things have definitely and only gotten better as the years go by. absolutely. ok anyway, this was just a response to the last post comment. I wrote some things off the top of my head and I think it came across as a complaint. just thoughts, as always. This blog side of me is only one very small perspective. Writing helps me gather these thoughts sometimes. keep the comments coming. or don't just enjoy the pics. if so. :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

work shmerk...

wonderful Monday over with! it's my longest day with teaching all day and going to the community college to teach a night class. classes were better than usual today, and this is only because it was still-asleep-Monday. BUt also the main thing I was really greeting each kid as they came in and started class going right when the bell rang. makes a big difference! I'm trying to keep a real tight control on any sidetalking. you HAVE to this time of year because their minds will turn off this close to a vacation break.
College class is almost done! they all turned in their last paper tonight worth 200 points and also some did a mini presentation about their topic, how they supported it with research, etc...We also watched a few parts of the "Helvetica" documentary. always a good way to end the semester. just one class left.
I've been in the process of refinancing my house and it's taken a while... I found out last week that because I had a govt program for teachers that paid my downpayment when I bought the house, there was a little second mortgage on the home that no one could find the amount to clear it with my mortgage, the bank asked me to call around to get info, and it turned out it was on the pay off statement all along! I called back my bank and told them that line 2737 showed the amount and both amounts would be cleared by the bank once they got the payoff. blah blah, what a hassle. but good news I'm going from a 30 year with 7.76 to a 15 year at 3.65 and I'll be paying $100 less a month! woot woot.
what really sucks is I wanted to get all this over with before my Dec mortgage was due, but too late. dang it! but all is good, should be able to close some day after school this week. Lord willing...
I'm trying to get 2 married couples over this week for dinner but it's a crazy time of the year and not sure when everyone is free. but I'm looking forward to showing off my house a little bit and just seeing them again, from my old school that I taught at before going overseas. got a big party weekend coming up this weekend 2 parties on Saturday, one a gay couple that my bud S. and I helped move in this last spring, and then after that we'll be heading to this guys huge house north of OKC where 3 gay couples all throw a party together...always fun to get out and see who's in OKC, haven't really been looking to meet anyone lately in OKC in a long time, but really these parties are just to get out into OKC and see people I already know and haven't seen for a while, I don't go out to gay bars in OKC much anymore, can't even remember the last time actually, come on it's OKC!!! after all. now Dallas , that's a different story, and I might be headed that way for New Years to see my bud down there, still undecided.
OK SHAMELESS PLUG time, only because it's Christmas and I had a few emails about wanting to send me something, this or that. I have a wishlist on that you can find under the name "daninokc" ..... but to be honest, I don't expect anything from readers, it's enough just to get my thoughts onto the blog here and get some common responses and ideas back in comments and emails. You can always just check out the list to see what sort of things I'm interested in reading/listening to/ or watching... if curious.
speaking of curious. I'm coming up on the new year and this is always a time for reflection and taking account of things. Is my life moving forward and it what way, and what are my goals etc...? this year I'm still single and not having children. Anyway those are thoughts in my mind. God has given me a job, so I have to consider how am I best serving him with that job, or could there be something more planned for me? But I also have to decide what else can I do for me to move forward into a relationship, companionship! I'm still waiting to see who I'm going to grow up and be. ha with this beard, I feel pretty grown up believe me. It may be coming off for the party this weekend, I got to get all clean cut! :)
BIG NIGHT tomorrow night! you guys ready for the GLEE Christmas special ??? should be interesting, I've been listening to some of the online clips from the album. Maybe I'll get the tree stuff out and put it up while it gets me in the mood. speaking of getting in the mood, how about that Darren Chriss boy on the show... oh my! mmmmmm hmmmm!

Sunday, December 05, 2010