Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank YOU....

some pool fun pics today... hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and find themselves thankful for something, even if you are employed or not or find yourself in the situation you want to be in, try to take a global worldview and consider that you're living in one of the riches nations, could be a lot lot lot worse.
Thanks everyone for listening to all my ramblings on here, and thanks for the support. I can't believe I've blogged so long, but definitely nice to get my thoughts out there.
Today I'm with the ex gf going to my folk's place for the entire family to get together and hang. Enjoy your time off if you have any.

Monday, November 22, 2010

busy week for everyone...

coming up! man I've been busy getting the house clean for company coming Wed. the ex gf is coming in for the holiday. woot woot. can't wait to get out into okc. Will definitely be a lot of fun having someone around to hang out with all weekend plus I know she'll get a kick out of my family.. all who she's met before back in college. No worries we are friends, we both know where the other stands. and she knows ALL about me hint hint. guess what, out of the blue on facebook, a bunch of my highschool friends planned a get together randomly this Friday night. They just sort of threw it out there anyone who wants to show at this one place downtown bricktown to just show up and say hey. ha so we're going for an hour or so before dinner Friday night. planning on showing off the new restaurant "Republic" in north okc and then also the big light show from Chesapeake energy on north western. it is EXCELLENT. Saturday we'll prolly see a movie. Also going shopping a bit for CHristmas lights and the craziness of it all.
guess who else is in town, a former regular buddy from my past days on my knees. he's still in med school but now in Kansas city. emailed saying he would be in town all this week. but I'm not really feeling it. thing is I have a beard currently and I'm off the wagon when I got the beard going. seriously such a weird thing for me but I'm in no mood to mess around with guys when I have a beard. strange and dumb I know but that's how I roll.
I've been ruminating the idea of collaborative learning lately from the training i had a few weeks ago and how that corresponds to CHristianity adn being a part of the "flock" so to speak. I'm actually using the collaborative learning thing in my last 2 hours at the high school and it's working really really well. I am really excited to get TUesday over with, the kids will be wired for sure all day tomorrow but I got everything I'm doing well planned and ready to get the over with for ALL of us. ha
I am so extrememely thankful for my new job and having the security of insurance and income this year... I hope I can be wise with what I'm earning. I know I basically want to save my money for school and also travel. If I can keep enough self control in buying the little dumb things. I was driving home from the college class tonight in my little black 2001 pickup and thinking, maybe I should buy a new car, I mean do I really want to show up Friday night in this ting, much less drive around OKC with the ex in a pickup??? and I had to remind myself, oh yeah, I've never been a car guy or wanted to be defined by my car. ha and I thought to myself, I must stick to that, just like I don't want to be difined by sexuality. neither what car I'm driving...
as always I must continue to strive so that the first thing may identify in me is hopefully my faith before all else. Very hard to do. for example before 1st hour this morning I told some kids to get into the classroom and off the steps in the stairway.. and it was a terrible way to begin the day, nag nag gripe gripe first thing! terrible, I told myself next time, always GOOD MORNING first with SMILES SMILE. these kids have enough griping and who knows what else going on at home you'd never know most times. hope everyone is getting the week started off right.
You may notice I put a new music video feature in at the right. enjoy :)