Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dan Marcos?

I got these shoes in the mail today, I know they look a little wild but I think with the right khaki pants or black jeans and shirt that I can make 'em work. :) there's not a more comfortable shoe made, that's for sure.

This shoe is made rugged and durable and to last, but also comfortable. Vibram soles, leather inside lining etc..

the last shoe I haven't purchased yet but pretty much want to just to have on hand for next summer. It's a FILA brand shoe for only $19.99. I mean really why not. reminds me how in college I had this thing about any jacket marked down to $20 at the GAP, why not)

this next shoe remains on my wish list, forever converse! and suede? come on! :)



well, whether you're on the beach in long island, out on the west coast in WE-HO or right here in the middle in OKC, it's fall. ahh fall... ., the last two nights I've woken up to the best cold room filling, sleeping restfully somehow subconsciously aware of the silence in the house without the AC kicking on now and then... cooler nights and chilled mornings. so I get to choose from various jackets to layer on my way to work. ha
principal came into my room today , BUT.....not for the observation, he's been too busy so basically he said it'd be any day this week. well we got 3 left...bring it on. thanks for the well wishes, I'm pretty much just teaching as usual and ready for him to see what I do without much worry. I put all the stuff up on the walls that he mentioned wanting to see at our pre-observation meeting. a grading scale posted, and all the state objectives posted in about 5 posters all over the walls so I can point to them and say "kids, we're studying this because of PASS skill such and such listed here in the social studies strategies...blah blah" jumping through hoops is all it is, you learn to deal as a teacher with all the little stuff. because as long as you are doing your job in the classroom to the best of your ability with real concern in trying to provide the kids with what they need to learn, that's all you need to do really.
guess what, speaking of teaching, I got myself an extra $1900 onto my salary today. yup, I had recieved an email from the district a month ago saying they had given me one year too much of experience and had to adjust my salary from one amount to another... I emailed back saying, well do I need to sign anything and does that include my master's degree. they responded saying, no, nothing to sign and yes everything had been considered etc...
well it's been on my mind because the amount were totally different than my original contract I signed the first week of school which included the degree. TOday I was thinking about it and checked the school website salary schedule, then replied from the email from earlier, saying will you please mail me a copy of my contract because I'm confused why online the salary is a different number with a masters than you mentioned. I hear back after lunch that, oh! hmmm for some reason the masters degree wasn't in their system and yes I should be at that number etc etc etc.. so they are sending a form for me to sign again about the adjustment blah blah blah.
oh its always the details.... ok so that's good news, now just one small gripe. I had to pay a $58 fee yesterday to have my fingerprints taken for a criminal check at the state dept of Ed. I may not have mentioned before how I have privacy issues about sharing my info and numbers and stuff, but I was asking the guy taking my fingerprints if these were check for criminal record or kept in a database and sure enough, yes I am not forever in the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of INvestigation) system. they have just collected my complete set of fingerprints. UGH. I mean, I sincerely plan to stay out of trouble pretty much the rest of my life, but just the idea that my prints are at some weird place at the wrong time and turn up somewhere etc. that just seems unfair. but the state passed the bill so oh well. basically it's to keep predators from getting teaching jobs.
I've always had the fantasy of ending the credit rating company's access to my personal financial info. I think it's one thing to help me get loans and all that. but the fact that they make money selling my name and address based on my credit rating to financial institutions who want to mail me a bunch of JUNK mail.. that sort of gripes me as well. you can have it turned off or whatever, but then if you ever DO want a loan, you are screwed. ok enough gripes.
THe minister at my church was going through Jeremiah this summer and it was excellent. anyway, he had one sermon which bascially made a point about people being more informed on what they say on FOX news than actual scripture. it was wonderful 'cause I've always felt the same. well last weekend, he touched on the point a bit more preaching from the new testament on how we can't "fight the war" on the world's level and using their ways. basically his point, and it's been a few days but as I remember it, was that you can't just expect to change all the laws in the US to match your beliefs and expect everything to be ok. which I think is what a lot of "Christian conservatives" seem to think they want to do... the point being is that it's more about personal relationships and affecting the lives of people though the way we live our own lives etc etc etc..I really liked hearing it and look forward to more..... ok enough church stuff.
I'm watching Glee tonight, switching back and forth to OETA baseball documentary and now OETA only for more baseball. I got some shoes in the mail today, a post coming soon.