Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

working hard for the money..

no air in the building yet, BUT we had a cold front move in this week so by Wed morning I wasn't in the room sweating and melting anymore... still have the fans going but a LOT better improvement. my favorite classes are my 2 newcomer classes. the other 3 classes are 2nd year students in ESL class, and they are mainly 9th graders, and just sit and stare.....oh man it's like pulling teeth. It will just take time to get them used to the ESL class and comfortable enough with me to actually speak out loud and in front of each other. a bunch of too proud and too cool for school kiddos at this point. about half full of cholos, the guys AND the girls. ugh... but its all good, and I was getting into my stride and feeling REALLY good about this job up until lunch today when I was told I'd have 20 more students tomorrow! ughhh.. so my classes of 5,9,and 10 are now 13,15, and 15. I can't really complain about the class size, but for ESL smaller classes are just a LOT better, not to mention the class management. THing is, teenagers are bored enough sitting in class and even more so when they understand half of what you're saying and not all that interested in learning more in the first place. This job will really be a good experience for me to learn just how to get that certain population group INTERESTED and motivated to improve their ENGLISH. Sad thing is, it'd be a LOT more fun if they'd practice and produce in class, but for now it's going to be listening and reading and writing activities. worksheets! in other words.
OH the good news is I'm getting a smartboard in my room. THis is a huge portable screen hooked up to a laptop and projector. The computer screen is projected onto the board and then you can actually touch the board like a touch screen with the computer responding... so a LOT applications for more interesting games and exercises for ESL. ahh yeah!
other thing is my Monday night college class. BIG MIX of students in there, a few adult parent types, and the rest mainly college age kids and true freshman. I'm SO glad I'm still teaching a college class because once a week I'll have a room full of students RESPONDING to my comments and jokes and instruction.... OH I can't wait to get into college fulltime someday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hugh bulge...

watched another Woody Allen movie last night..I commented before how I"m catching up on his movies since I quit after jade scorpoin...... so much of the same stuff but I like all that same stuff. anyway, this one had a bit of dialogue that sounded more like for a play, but still Scarlett Johansson is GORGEOUS and well, so is Hugh Jackman to most... check out the side view of him in that swim suit. ah yeah.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010