Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh henry!

too damn hot...whatever works

sorry that title refers to the weather. it's all we talk about in Oklahoma, ya know. except for OU football. anyway, dang it's been over 100 all week and I'm watering every night or morning. blah today was excellent in that I had the day OFF from the water park, which actually closes next Tuesday and changes to weekend only from now until labor day weekend. so I'll be busy working weekends on top of the new job and teaching the classes at the community college. sort of thing I just thrive on I suppose.... we shall see. this morning I volunteered downtown and while talking to a group before taking their tickets, this lady walks right up close trying to read my name tag to get my last name. then she say "dan dan it's me..." and I notice behind the woman, her daughter. She is a friend of mine from high school who I used to drive around all over the place because she and her twin sister were sophomores my senior year and I had a car and all our friend lived in a suburb north of where we did. anyway, the other sister dated my best bud in hs also. and her mom fed the guys we all hung out with many times. anyway I gave her a big ole hug, it was really fun to see her, and I met my friend's husband etc and made some quick catch up chat. I'm already keeping up with her on facebook, but hadn't seen her in person since, really made my day.
SO now on to Woody ALlen movies...I think I've mentioned before I'm a big fan etc... well I quit watching any new movie by Allen at somepoint I think it was after Jade Scorpian. basically couldn't get into the pessimistic and/or cheating storylines and have just stuck with good ole standards since. I DID however put "whatever works" on my blockbuster queue and received it this weekend. wow REALLY enjoyed it. the same sort of jokes, themes etc..well well written stuff. although I will say it seemed written more like for on stage than a movie. the actress playing the mom I believe was the best acted role. I also like the way one character dislikes cliches, and yet we sort of have to whole cliche set-up with some of the characters coming out to new york city in the movie. If you're a jonthon Groff fan, he makes an appearance. but the cutey girl character makes it worth seeing, the smart smart dialogue, and then really the very goodlooking younger male love interest. SO GOODLOOKING. whoah, and it wasn't just the british accent but that solidified my new crush in upcoming actors. ha Of course the movie really makes a point at making fun of the southern right wing Christian stereotype with some discussion among the characters of God vs no god etc.. the usual old man woody allen role is played by Larry David of Seinfeld.
I'm a romantic too at heart and the part of the storyline of a novice photographer being discovered in NYC and shown at a gallery plays right into my own dreams of course. it ws great to see something familiar but new. However,I'll stick with re-watching favorites like "manhattan murder mystery" and "broadway danny rose" or "radio city days". anyway, check out the film or if you've seen it let me know what you think!

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and the hunt was on....

swam laps this morning. came home for some breakfast and morning tv and some hadns in my pants browsing around online..etc. ended up at the gym before lunch, chest day. and then off to work...tonight after we closed at the water park, was the employee scavenger hunt. I was on a team with some of the girls from the office and we played for fun not really for competition but a lot of the teams took it very seriously ha. this involved the teams going all over the park and completing different feats like what you might see on "win it in a minute" tv show. ... memorable ones were the one where we threw frozen fish into a bucket, bobbed our heads in a trashcan full of koolaid and having to get out a mushroom, onion, or potato or cherry. the last two sunk way down deep. also a station at the bar had a blended mixutre everyone was forced to drink down, this included nasty nacho stuff from the kitchen, whatever else, and sardines. nasty. the funnest one was the maze of tubes where you had to search for hidden flip-flops... anyway that was my day.
I messaged the male nurse guy who's hit me up for lunch a few times this summer, but it's always phone tag with us and no meet! ughh. anyway I thought I'd give him my days off this week and see what happens. I have also invited my ex gf to meet me in TUlsa this weekend possibly or in September sometime. I've been getting all sort of weird ideas about marrying that girl lately, I know I'd never hear the end of it on this blog if I tried that , ha. but still I was just considering other possibilities in my life. can't hurt to dream. oh yeah , also I got an email from a friend who was my "mentor" professor last year offering me afulltime job at her medical company dealing with insurance office stuff etc etc... man 2 weeks ago I would have been all OVER that. I am pretty excited though to have a job that is in my career field of teaching ESL right now though. all right, hitting the SACK! gnite

Sunday, August 08, 2010

beach boy party...

reed on today show

I've been watching this a few times the last couple days in the morning 'cause it cracks me up. I guess since I've always been a fan of the Hoda and Kathie morning time, but I really like watching the ladies' reactions to this guy. It gets me every time. Kathie is usually the clown who tries to joke and get some attention and there's no going with this guy, he is on his game. They cannot trip him up for anything. Anyway, it's also pretty cool how he's so confident with his manner regardless of how gay it must seem. I respect that at least.
no news on the job front, just new teaching training coming up this week and next Monday teachers report back to work so if not before then, I'll get too see my room and what I have to work with etc. somebody let me know what you think of the clip.