Saturday, July 31, 2010

towell boys

still here

dang what happened to the blog... no post since wednesday.. well guys got pretty dad gum busy all week. work work work, finishing up the summer class, grades in...working crazy all this weekend and then guess what, I got a job interview Monday morning... more on all that later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

big post...

some of these might be reposts...sorry I'm not getting them deleted after posting sometimes...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


this "Cheesecake Cookies" recipe came to me in an email and I made 'em for work the other day. they are easy enough any guy could make 'em;
1 egg
8 oz pkg cream cheese
1 stick butter
1/4 tspn vanilla
1 yellow cake mix
powdered sugar
mix the egg, cream cheese, butter and vanilla together until creamy, add the cake mix and blend until creamy. Chill the dough for 8 hours. Roll the dough into litle balls and drop into powdered sugar and roll around, then put on cookie sheet.
bake at 350 for 12 minutes. yum

Monday, July 26, 2010

random memories in photos...

this is a goat on top of a car in Dakar

street in Paris where our hotel was oct '08

in the Musee Dorsay... sp?

Paris fountain...I couldn't wear the scarf enough that trip. ugh...

flower this summer....

my laptop and view of my tv, this is my point of view while I'm online blogging or whatnot in my house, this photo is from lsat fall and I was grading essays I think...
hope you enjoyed the little photo essay....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

good good friend

I have a friend from OK who lives in DC and does diplomatic work in Africa, well anyway, he sends me emails constantly about job openings overseas. I keep waiting for the ESL position and not director of such and such program in random country. well anyway a friend and former college roomie lives in Sudan working for an NGO and I forwarded him one of these emails with job openings in Kenya or somewhere...he replies with this;

"Where are you and what are you doing??

Did you hear about the kidnapping in Darfur on May 18th?

Are you married yet?? Openly gay, straight, struggling, waffling, strong, weak, Christian, sceptic, Orthodox, Buddist?

Tell all. I am not a judge. just curious.



well I replied yesterday from work and answered all questions. basically the same stuff I am always saying on this blog in a nutshell. he knows my whole story, and he has a sort of story of his own. He was an MK who grew up overseas, and was a real man's man. I mean he has that thing about him that every one of us in college feel like YOU were his best friend... he's an outdoors guy, can build anything, a construction engineer by trade etc. but in college was the guy most likely to be naked or in his underwear shamelessly. anyway, that's not the fairest description but overall great guy and loved by all, although his eccentricities were less entertaining once we were all out of college, but he remains loved by all of us of course. and what with living in Sudan for several years, how can we not respect him for the ministry he does there? well anyway, we catch up usually whenver he is in the states and visits back to our college town in Arkansas. among some of our "clique" in college, we've discussed whether he's gay or not, I just consider him sort of like Paul... just single and not looking. he's the one of my college buds who knows my ways that will always ask me, how I'm doing regarding the sexuality/Christianity thing so I know he must struggle similarly. but he is so macho, he'd never never and never has admitted it. I pretty much have always assumed he's thrown himself into living in the third world african ministry so as not to have to confront any of it.
(he loves the whole roughing it lifestyle, several years ago this guy was once taken on a boat with a dictionary of swahili and a few supplies and was left on an island in a lake near mozambique with one other worker who didn't speak English... he had to build himself a shelter, learn the language, meet the locals, and then build a medical clinic. CRAZY.)
he's a dear loved and well regarded friend, I can only hope and pray I'll never get an email from a college bud stating his death or dissapearance in that country. But we all know he's doing exactly what he loves.