Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

summer birthdays....

had a great birthday this week, was at my folks for lasagna dinner and cake and ice cream. My favorite since I was a kid has always been mint chocolate chip from Braums. my sisters were all over and my younger sis had her 3 yonger crazy energetic kids with her. also an aunt was there.
anyway, had an excellent day doing nothing but enjoying my home and yard and then gym lunch and then over to the folks place. got around 150 greetings on my facebook. that was kind of fun. with summer birthdays, school is never in session so I grew up with my family around for birthdays and maybe my bud from down the street. also it's funny to hear nice wishes from people I know from High school, and then former students in Central America and then current aquaintences as well. I edit down my friends pretty well as far only someone I really feel like we connect as friends, not just anyone who has added me or requests etc.. if I never knew them in high school then forget it, why bother now.... oh yeah I jokingly told me foks I wanted a nice new water hose and so they got me one, ha but also $50 in my birthday card. I am working all week, 2nd shift closing up the park each night.
I'm always blogging about how I sort of aim to be identified by my faith and not to be put in a straight or gay box. I lately have considered this next year to remind myself the same thing when I feel worried about being rich or poor, married or single, American culture norms versus Christian culture norms etc etc. you get the picture. I was really hoping last summer working at the water park that it would be my LAST, and I feel the same thing now, could it be PLEASE be my last. also I'm not really looking forward to subbing this year on the off days from teaching college. you never know, some position could come up before school starts end of August, but something it telling me that God wants me right where I am teaching college kids and striving forward. the thought of returning to middle now that I really enjoy the college level classes, well I don't know if I could really put my heart into it, as bad as I want full time stability again.
ok enough of that, I try not to ever get down or gripe on this blog. I want to keep it upbeat.
I'm ready for another great year! I can't wait to see what I'll be doing the next year, what options may come up, what jobs, what interests, what people I'll come into contact with, what news I'll hear of former students, and most of all really hoping to travel again. ha
oh I wil mention a quick pet peeve in the office this summer, this one girl who never puts the lid back on the highlighter pen that rests on the keyboard. we mark off slips we've already entered in the computer and I use a red ink pen. she uses the highlighter and will leave the cap off. that just kills me!!!! ha ha.
one other great thing I've enjoyed this week is a quirky French animation film called "the PRinces' quest" that might be the translated title. anyway it's about two boys raised by the same nanny in some country and they end up searching for the Djinn Fairy Princess etc.. it's really nice visually and culturally. although if you haven't seen the "Secret of Kells" yet, that's what you should see as far as visually exciting animation. yes these are kids films and I hope to always remain a dreamer....I got Sinead O conner's Lion and the Cobra blasting through the house right now so I can hear it while I'm showering up before bed. DIVING into bed because the morning lap swims come early!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

paradise on the roadside...

well I came out of the gym this afternoon on my home to grab a quick bite to eat before going in to work and my truck wouldn't start, I don't know if I left the lights on or what but no juice. A guy came out to help me jump it, but I hooked up the jumper cables and still no good. I called good ole dad and they started heading over. My dad is the one who kept all our cars running growing up...I walked home from the gym, my parents came by and picked me up, and we went back to find the battery cables had just come loose. It started right away and I got to work...
now about this guy on Reno as I'm creeping along in traffic. DAMN! this nice beefy white guy with his shirt off and work shorts on, holding on to his shirt I guess he'd taken off...pretty much he looked a bit like my former roomie but tons better looking and taller. he was walking down the side fo the road in the bright hot sun, just on the right.... all pecs and biceps and shoulders... heck yeah Istared right at him as I slowly passed, noticeable in that the traffic ahead of me was moving away quicker than I was speeding up... the sort of slow passing as if I was going to slow down and say "need a ride?", but nah I just slowed down enough to LOOK and let our eyes meet of thrills I know. but dang... I went by still checking him out and thinking, if only I had the time I would definitely stopped and offered the ride... something about his non-surprised expression of me checking him out, I dunno... anyway that was my short thrill after the truck deal and the hour missed of work. tonight I'm grading papers and getting ready for class tomorrow. hope all are making it through hot July alright...