Saturday, July 17, 2010

play the b side

BUSY weekend!

man it's been a busy weekend, opened the park Friday morning then home at 4pm to mow the yard and clean up some of the beds, watered them etc..ran by the gym for some cardio, abs, stretch, came home and watched a dvd rental and that was about it..up this morning to volunteer downtown... caught up on my reading the New Yorker, anyone else reading this? great article on the economic breakdown in North Korea and how they are starving again there etc.. it's amazing how they must live in that country. It' only made me appreciate more that I have a truck, house, job, food to eat, comfortable life by any other standards. although I'm not as comfortably living as when I started this blog, I can't complain overall when you put in all in a global perspective. another great article I read was about this guy who found a fingerprint on a Pollack painting, the one they made the documentary about, and how he was an expert on investigating master paintings and how science has become accepted in the authentication process.. really interesting. I decided I really need to start reading more, there is so much more I want to know and understand about a lot of things, so many interests. ,not to mention the sort of mental travel available from reading..
I got a birthday coming up next week so I've got it all planned out with my folks to go have dinner at their place, with my two sisters coming over, also I requested my mom's tasty lasagna, and also asked if we could perhaps watch a few slideshows of when we were all growing up.. it's been a heck of a long time since we ever got out the slides. ha I have a wishlist on that I tell my family to look at to help with ideas, but this year I told 'em a garden hose or a home depot gift card would be a huge gift. you can checkout my wish list on amazon under the name Daninokc if curious what stuff I like to read, also as a shameless plug for my birthday. ha It was a sweet surprise last year actually getting a few books in the mail without even expecting anything. my godmother sends me $5 or $10 to this day ever since I was a a fun token reminder that she and her husband still pray for me, they're in Texas where I was born and lived my first 6 years.
after volunteering today I went to a friend's house in OKC to swim and hang in their pool, this is an older gay couple in okc and one of their friends and me and my off to work at 5, and the park was PACKED OUT today, didn't get out til 10pm and now I"m going to crash so I can get back up there by 8 in the morning.
hope everyone is enjoying the summer, I'll get possibly more interesting posts/pics up soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the dry spell is OVER>.............

yup, the ex navy guy who I've mentioned before and left a message the other day.. well he called today and I finally got his new number etc blah blah...
next thing I know, it's an hour and a half before I want to go to the gym... Dan is killing some time online and there's a knock at the door, and there he is with a big grin and taking his shirt off once he's inside. Also grabbing my crotch saying it's been way too long etc etc...
so an hour later, quick goodbye, mouthwash and now I am about ready to get up to the gym for my workout. I'm still swimming every morning but did not go a second time to the gym at all last week for my workouts, slacker!! ha
only two weeks left of teaching after this week is over, of the original 25 enrolled there are only 10 maybe regularly attending, and for example on 8 were there today, and of that only 5 turned the assigned essay on time. so that gives you an idea of taking a junior college summer course and the difficultires students have of really commiting to it. ah well, they're the ones paying for it...
I wanted to clarify I was not at the party last week trying to meet girls or anything, it was just a singles party, and a good time to get out and socialize etc. also catch up with those guys I've known my whole life.
also I liek refraining from hookups. If gay and heterosexuality are to be determined equal then why can't I assume some sort of moral standard sexually as far as waiting to meet someone I really like before dropping my pants. I mean if some guy is screwing around with every girl he meets, is that any less or more trashy than a guy guy screwing around as much as possible.... IS that the gay lifestyle norm you really want to be recognized, as much sex as you can possibly get. And is that even gay or is that pretty much a goal with all guys whether straight or gay? Is getting frequent sex just a LOT easier for the gay guys than the straight? I would have to guess it's definitely easier getting sex for average looking gay guys than it is for the average looking straight guys. someone let me know.
anwyay, so if I decide not to hook up with guys, it doesn't mean I think anything is going to change for me liking guys, I just like enjoying a certain sense of self respect and dignity etc.... a moving forward, if you will, from the been there tried that sexually now let's move on....although of course I'm living in the completely wrong city in which to socially meet a guy to then start "seeing". I realize that. BOston maybe, NYC of course, Denver perhaps. definitley Austin... ha