Friday, June 25, 2010

busy weekend

man I'm ready, worked all day today and then again tomorrow at the water park. and weekend time is family time, including hot dad time, and including today lots of muscly bf with gfs our walking the park --- all those nipples and breasts out there. It can be pretty bad as in stuff you'd rather see clothed if at all, but then there are some hot couples that make it all worth the while. ha
btw, got a phone call from ex army male nurse. he may still have a ticket for me for austin city limits which would be very awesome. we discussed his current bf situation and why we never seem to get together for lunch again since last time. now that he's not working night shift, it should be possible to actually meet up again and get to know the guy better. we shall see.
at this point I'm thinking why break up my self imposed monkhood anyway.
I'm off to work , more pics up later this evening when I get a chance. I'm trying to make breakfast and eat it and get dress in ten minutes here, and why is it so hot inside the house this morning ughh. good weekend to all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

boat ride!

summer hit or miss..

she can smile, be thin and dark haired on stage or video, and maybe sing... but who exactly is the daddy warbucks behind Katie Perry? well I noticed she has a summer hit song/video out. just makes me wonder what record company monster is behind the production. Maybe she really is talented, but I kind of wrote her off as a one hit wonder. I couldn't figure out why she was thrown upon us on various awards shows and performances on tv the last few years... ughh this was long after the Kissed a girl song had come and gone. Anyway, if you're a Katie Perry fan, no offense. I just never have seen what the big deal was.
On another line of thought, ever notice the sexy mystery and fascination about two girls kissing in pop culture? yet two guys kissing would be completely different. blah ok sorry for the rant. but I saw the new Perry video on tv with cupcake designed cups on her breasts in the video and just though, yup sex sells.... I don't think it's exactly outstanding talent getting her back in a video.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chris crush...

I really wanted to post this CHRIS Klein clip on youtube but I can't embed it. ah well. at least this hot stud man crush of mine since day one I saw him in Election, well at least he's not doing the dumb kid movie thing like The ROck nd Freddie Prinz jr. ... why can't they be good looking and act (like Marky Mark) anyway?? ha

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

austin buddy visits....

fun weekend. austin bud came over Friday night with his new bf. really made me think about why am I not meeting up with dudes anymore and should I put myself back out there so to speak. but it might just be that male buddy rivalry/competition sort of thing. I mean he shows up with this stud ex gymnast who played football at some junior college and recently came out two years ago... and no online meeting, nope they met at a restaurant years ago, friended on facebook, and after my austin buds breakup,(had I mentioned that he broke up with the artist bf last Jan?) he contacted the young stud and the rest is history.
this guy is red headed, grew up with a pentecostal pastor father, and is built solid, although the seemingly requisite gay austin tattoos didn't do much for me honestly. ha
anyway a real nice guy. we caught up and chatted a bit and they hung out for about an hour or so then left for the bars in okc. I stayed home having to work Sat am...blah nothing at okc bars for me serious. saturday night we met up again at austin buds parents place. grabbed our swimsuits and went to a highschool girlfriend's parent's house to talk, listen, catch up, laugh at stuff past, and sit in the hot tub out back for about an hour, the four of us. why we sat in a hot tub after a day with a heat index of 108 here in okc is beyond me. but ahh well. it was definitley RELAXING. and Austin buddy and I both had our shirts off and got to see the results of gym workouts since last we saw each other at Christmas break.
also when his bf was turned around in the kitchen in his swimsuit, twice I got to point to his ass and make a face at my austin buddy.. ha ha. dang. solid stuff.
the bf had seen a few bible verses I have here and there hung up in my bathroom and had asked me about the gay/Christianity thing and we had a really nice discussion. I decided this morning that I'm pleased with austin bud having a bf that has that sort of background. and also that the new bf is not radically anti Christian or an angry bitter gay dude when it comes to all that. apparently he's out to all his family and they even sought therapy for him at one point. I can't believe in modern times families would expect any change through counseling, although I would also like to say, counseling/therapy wouldn't be so bad to help a dude figure out in general his self image/identity issues having dealt with the whole coming out situation.
My austin bud and I also spoke of us not being fully employed these days... and the continuous search. apparently he stresses out about it all a LOT. I was driving home last night wondering how non-Christians, or those without faith in God (or a god etc..) must cope completely differently with the unknown and unsure future. or at least those who don't consider faith first. I get stressed sure about my job sit. and my whole orientation frustration but overall I believe God has a plan! seriously.
OK now aboutt he stop at the grocery store after work on the way home this afternoon. this grocery store cart boy looked really familiar while I was checking out, I was out putting sacks in the back of my pickup and he pops out of no where saying "here I'll take this cart back for ya so it looks like I'm busy doing something out here...." and I was saying ha and thanks, and then I asked him, hey you look you work at the water park? or did you go to my school? etc etc etc..
and he says no, but you look familiar too... don't you coach wrestling or.... etc and we are thinking about it. and it becomes in my mind a really gay porn clip moment.. ha ha.
anyway he's talking away and I start to feel awkward and say , well anyway, see ya around...
I got in my pickup and pulled out and remembered exactly where we knwo each other, he works out at my gym although it's been a while, and I used to joke around with him now and then last summer about his notebook and record keeping every workout.. I'll say the workout have helped and he's definitely grown up. well I have about 15 papers to grade before class Tues. and after my day off tomorrow will be working 5 days straight at the water park... bring on the hours....