Tuesday, June 01, 2010

ready to roam...

I spent some time this weekend watching an extensive documentary on Antonio Gaudi. I bought it while in Afghanistan via internet and watched it a few times in preview of my trip to Barcelona... So it was fun to see it again after being at some of the sites in the film. oh but there's so much more to see there if I ever go back....one good thing about my occupation is the summer's and school schedule throughout the year with days off for hopefully future travel experiences...

June bug

was a good memorial weekend... I sure was missing all my Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends in Austin when I used to go down there a few times a year.... but all is good. I worked at the water park in okc all weekend.
I got the shoes in the mail today....I had the interview this morning and as far as I know I think it went pretty well. I can't think of anyone else more experienced plus I speak Spanish... but we'll see.... I'm pretty much white bread America for a school that's 42 percent Mexican immigrant, 30 black, and the rest "other". and I don't jsut mean the race difference but also it's a big time gang part of town and they identify by middle school from what I've heard... blah.
I pretty much told the prinicpals that with bigger challenges come bigger rewards etc... they asked what's the greatest thing I've learned as a teacher... I answered that with experience I've learned to choose my battles wisely, something along those lines anyway I don't recall exactly.
I pretty much went into it not even wanting the job after what I"ve heard about the school as "ghetto" but after the interview I was sort of hoping I got the job. ahh well, in God's hands over all whether I'm the right fit or not for that job.
man I've been watching "in the footsteps of Marco Polo" on PBS tonight and it makes me want to travel so bad. I just love travelling and seeing random foreign places. and just meeting people and trading smiles. One thing I am TERRIBLY MISERABLE at though as a traveller is the food. I'm not good with new foods at ALL.. ha ha. anyway, it was a sweet program how these two guys went through turkey, afghanistan, China, boat to Sumatra, then India and Iran etc... WOW. this was back in 93 I think. I'm off to the panhandle tomorrow to visit my sis and kids for a few days then back for a busy weekend of volunteering downtown and more work at the water park.. woot woot. summer''s here all right.