Saturday, May 29, 2010

if not the lake, then NYC baby!!!

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

this was all done with animated miniatures!...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

nu shooz....

summer shoes, ah yeah... I thought it was about time for a shopping post. I've been living very strictly with my budget, but I came across some shoes lately online and one new pair was a must... all right well first off here are some good summer choices for slip on shoes.... (no mention of Tom's here but for you college boy set, that might be a look although thank goodness it hasn't taken off too big yet here in okc.. ha) first off are pics of 2 Converse $47, and 1 Simple shoe $60..

and then there are the classic VANS...$42

and for something REALLY top drawer my favorite magazine Monocle has partnered with Hiroshi Tsubouchi and produced these shoes...the caramel calfskin is £305, the windowpane calfskin £330, or the Kyoto print deer skin at £270. If you're concerned at all with how much that is in dollars, you probably shouldn't even consider buying these shoes. However, can you imagine how amazingly soft and comfortable they must be.... ahhhh

the next shoe is a Dan's Favorite, I've been wearing these the past 3 summers and all over the world while overseas..... I'd like to think long before Brad Pitt ever put on a pair. The Sanuk slip on at $55. ahhhhh (for you Austin shoppers they can be found at Service Menswear on Congress)

and now here is my all time favorite shoe brand, alas....they went out of production a few years ago, yet I found some online tonight while preparing this post. I bought a pair of the white ones (only style they had in my size) and a black lace up for my ex student up in DC who I think deserves a very cool well-made shoe. check out the leather trim above the sole, and suede above that... shweet... I got my first pair of these many summers ago at Shoe Gypsy in OKC on N Western. the guy there went on and on about how Wayne Coyne bought the same shoes there...etc. they are extremely comfortable.

feel free to suggest any other option you'd recommend, or as usual all comments welcome.

top hat ...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

something REALLY good....

Yeah, I know, quite the model photo, right. But this 6' 3 tall dark handsome, and brilliant man is none other than fellow blogger and former OKC buddy, Randy Potts. (you may recall the blog speedy motorcycle?) He has been working on a book about his experiences on growing up in the church, under the shadow of his Pentecostal family and grandfather Oral Roberts, his marriage and family, coming to terms with his faith and sexuality, and overall the history of what it was like then and now growing up gay in the heart of the bible belt. check out this amazing article which gives a summary of the events online here "Something Good is Going to Happen to You."

become a fan on facebook of Randy here at his fan page. I'd really like to help promote Randy in all ways possible, so any fellow bloggers reading the page please feel free to mention there article on your sites. Not only do Randy and I share a similar background of growing up in Christian churches, but he's my fellow landscaper at heart buddy, appreciater of graphic novels, and not to mention our tastes in music. get the word out there. :) btw in the picture he's holding a framed pic of Oral Roberts.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

back in town...

was up in ARkansas all weekend at my old college town. a friend I hadn't seen in ten years was visiting from OR which what brought me back to town. Caught up with my ex gf from college, stayed with my best friends and played with their kids some.. all in all a great weekend.
also ran into a few people in town as usual whiel walking around downtown for icecream saturday night. and SUnday morning went to an Episcopal church for the first time. A few of my college professors were there and some fellow college graduates. anyway, it was really an interesting service.
my friends still want me to move back to town, but I keep explaining I have my house and family in OKC... although I wouldnt' mind someday teaching at my old college once I ge ta doctorate. who knows...
At the episcopal church I saw this gay guy from town who I met in college, way older dude who directed all the community theatre, well still does. I think at the time he was the only "out" gay guy known in town. He has a son who's married with kids in town and his ex wife and her husband moved back to be near the grandkids. typical. ha
my friend from OR is doing some sort of Psychiatry/social work in portland and has ended up as quite a specialist in dealing with transgender adults. Apparently there is a large population there. who knew... by chance, one of the college profs at church there and his wife spoke to my friend all about their son who is now a drag queen etc... (you may remember the story years ago about the Christian college throwing out the student for being gay, but in reality he was suspended for doing something he had signed a contract agreeing NOT to do when enrolling at the college...well anyway....) I also went by the property I tried to buy years ago here in town. it's right in the middle of town, had wonderful gardens all around, and I had worked there for 7 summers in a row for the elderly couple living there... well I went by to see the place and met the new owner. it had really been let go since the last owners ( a family with kids in which the husband was working at the college, was gay, and left his wife and went back to CA, band eventually forclosed on the house. I had offered 140k on the house in 2004, the new owner got it for around 65k!!!) anyway I met the very nice-looking single guy there who grew up in the town and graduated from my same college. (he answered the door with a nice wad of dip in his lower lip. classic) what's cool is he let me see everything inside and all the yard. I offered to come up anytime and help him get things back into shape. so I think it's really cool he wants to get it all cleaned up again like it looked for years.
I'll be off all this week, swimming every morning, yard work, gym, and trying to condense junk in my house and get organized as usual.