Thursday, March 04, 2010

support the troops......

crazy stepmoms

remember the kid that moved in for less than a month then out again to live with his granparents? well anyway, the whole deal is that he is dating my neice and moved out/ran away and was living with my sis and bro in law before me. well anyway, he was homeschooled and had some sort of sad story about an overcontrolling stepmom who controlled his dad and whole family...... well anyway, today I go in to sub for a 6th grade teacher (taught indirect objects all day.. woot) and my friend at the school asked about the news in the local paper. a wedding engagement that my neice was getting married and that they'd been living with my bro in law and a date of the wedding, shower, and how they were expecting a baby in July. I called my mom and she said the whole thing is some sort of crazy hoax that was emailed to the paper by the stepmom. STRANGE! we can't figure out how she thought that would hurt anyone other than embarass my sis's family? anyway the paper will put some sort of retraction next week. bizarre....
any Tim Urban fans out there? don't you wish he could sing? I'm voting Alex Lambert all the way, I also liek Lee a lot. I'm crazy for Lily as well. thoughts? later.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

to ANYONE in AUSTIN during SXSW...

please go check out my current favorite band,
EVERYTHING EVERYTHING ....( band name links to their myspace page, you can check their tunes and videos...)

Mar 17 2010 5:45P
Mar 18 2010 2:15P
Mar 18 2010 9:00P
Mar 19 2010 12:00A
Mar 20 2010 12:00P
Mar 20 2010 4:00P

then come back and tell me everything about how they sounded live and the crowd IT!
(this writer still considering a drive down that weekend but I've got the spending faucets all turned strictly OFF right now...)

Monday, March 01, 2010


excellent weekend, got together with some gay guys in okc to help to of them move into a new house they bought together on Saturday. and then on Sunday lunch at a pizza place with a group of guys all remembery a friend who died a year ago, talking about how awesome he was etc... good times.
I also got my place cleaned up so that I can walk around with out stepping on or kicking out of my way any clothes or shoes on the floor.. ha. man I was master of my domain all last week and got some release friday night, and fell asleep feeling good.... of course this was all my own. ahh well. I'm definitely out of the scene at this point, not even LOOKING for any of my "buds" in town or hooking up with anything new. it just all got way too boring at some point... I figured what's the point if all the guys want to screw around and I'm not even looking to screw with guys. although I don't know how I'd ever get to screw around with a girl since I dont' really go for the loose trashy type of girl.... man weird post.
anyway, no spring break plans this year. I'm laying low for a while without any spending on travel. I got all my money wrapped up in savings and stocks and boy do I miss my fulltime job pay before I went overseas... ahh well. something bound to turn up before next fall. I"m sort of curious to see what door God opens for me as far as employment. Having taught college age now, I definitely have a taste for it. it's is really awesome, and I'm either inspired to get my doctorate someday to pursue it further, or at least I'm comforted to know that whatever job I do end up with, and no matter when I retire I will always be able to pick up a class or two at the community college and teach a college class. It means I'll always have that window into guiding teaching and encouraging someone's life, well the how to write essay part of their life anyway. ha
The one best thing about college classes is I don't care if they think I'm gay or not, basically since college age is more mature than middle school. I still get those 8th grade girls calling me out with "are you married?" and I"m sure they really want to ask "are you gay?" ugh....
spring is coming up quick and I'm going to start getting pretty antsy about getting my butt out there and my name in some schools. this is the time they start looking and I don't want to get left behind. I'm going to be less picky than last spring and apply at....yes...... Oklahoma City public schools....aye yie yie....