Saturday, January 16, 2010

in and out

my last chill weekend before the storm of school stuff....the roomie moved out yesterday and last night I got out this small projector and hooked it up to my laptop to watch a movie on the wall. I watched "Beautiful Losers". I think I've blogged about it before about all these social outcast skater types who ended up inspiring each other at the the "Alleged" gallery in NYC, and then they all became quite successfull selling their graphic design....etc. shepard fairy is included in the documentary. i think the one I most recognized was Geoff Mcfetridge though.
tonight I"m going to finish that one and then maybe a William Eggleston documentary I've had for a while. I'm in a really creative mood lately.
Have I mentioned before that I like watching "Legend of the Seeker?" it's sort of a nerdy guilty pleasure and sometimes they include way too much fetishness of torture or bondage crap. Lots of beautiful babes wearing not much on there, the show could definitely use a lot more beefcake. but ahh well.... now I'm watching a few bones episodes and then going to clear out the extra bedroom of junk and stuff before the next guy moves in....alas.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

dang I just saw one of these guys on 30 ROCK. sweet deal...
there's a character who is a gay cousin visiting NYC. He sneaks out to hit the clubs and is found on the couch the next morning with the word SLUT markered across his forehead. One of the funnier lines was "women are allowed to get angrier than men about double standards." ha ha

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

butch underwear...

more of this spring chicken at the Butch website here...

week so far in okc....

well the winter break is coming to an end... I had my okc bud S. over for dinner MOnday night with 2 other guys we know, a guy I know from the gym and that he knows from working downtown and then the other guy was his architect bf. I fixed lasagna and chocolate poundcake. I had my place all cleaned up, and then after dinner I probably over did it with shwoing guys various souveniers in my house from different countries and the stuff on the walls and rugs and the shirt i was wearing etc etc... but I guess I was pretty excited just to have company and feeling free about showing off my creative side. ha. We had a great time, and I sent everyone home with lasagna and cake.
(in case you haven't heard, Miep Gies died Monday at the age of 100. She was one of a pair of office workers who kept the Frank family hidden and alive during the holocaust. It was she who found Anne Frank's diary. I have to mention this since I used to teach the book yearly to my 8th graders)
I went to the adjunct prof meeting last night at the college where I'll be teaching again this spring. It involved safety training and procedures etc... I'm very thankful to have 4 classes again this semester which is the limit they will allow anyone who's just part time. I am going to write up a syllabus tomorrow since now I have an idea of what I'm doing (last sem. was my first teaching the class). The only thing different is I'll be teaching 3 days a week, 4 one hour classes, instead of 2 days a week of one and a half hour. SO one more day on campus etc.. blah. It's actually pretty cool we can have "online" office hours so I'll be doing mine half and half on/off campus. I'm definitley going to figure out a way to swim. I think I might have some before class time or before lunch time to use the pool on campus. That would be awesome compared to getting up at 630am to have a morning swim before breafast. although I've done it before.
tonight I'm meeting a guy for dinner in OKC at a mexican restaurant. He wasn't able to get off work on the late shift at the hospital so he asked if it could be an early dinner (he works the night shift as an RN). so we're meeting at 5:45pm which is actually pretty normal time for me. Although usually I do eat about 6 or 630 depending on if I can get to the gym by 430 or 5 I'll go to the gym around 1130 before lunch to get the work out over with.
I shave my face every other morning , so the timing worked out nicely that this is the morning I shave. I'll be ready clean shaven and wearing my MEXX jeans that fit me just so, and a thermal long sleeve with a light blue Quicksilver t-shirt that I got in NYC. RIght now I"m just watching the news about Haiti, which is really sad. I was in Central AMerica the year that Hurricane Mitch hit really bad, and there's nothing worse than disaster in an already poor 3rd world country.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

winter Olympics not as sexy....

nice re-enactment but I dunno, in Greece I'd expect less blonds and more chest hair....... ha

Sunday, January 10, 2010

stay clean guys...

too damn cold this weekend

This weekend I've been staying indoors as much as possible, when you wake up and see a high of 18! It's all relative I know but for OKC that is COLD. I'm just wondering what the gas bill will look like. The weekend got off to a pretty bad start after Thursday night's Texas Alabama game. I felt sorry for Colt McCoy getting injured. the rest of the game just SUCKED although it was a valid try what with the freshman coming in to play the game. but still SUCKED. I saw the moive Avatar again in 3d with a friend S on Friday night. still awesome the second time around. he had seen the normal version and so I wanted to get him to see it 3D style. nothing like it! ha I have a busy week coming up, a meeting today at 2pm, friends over for dinner Monday night, school staff meeting Tuesday night, a date with the male nurse guy I've known for a while on Wednesday night. This week I'll be getting a syllabus written up for my classes that begin start the next week. Tonight I plan on watching the new Chuck episode where he supposedly starts kicking A. (I've never watched it before but the ads looked interesting). I think a new Project runway starts this week as well.
My "roomie/houseguest" is moving out by Friday. and then the following Monday I get an actual renter. It's a 19 yo guy that's dating my niece and sort of ran away from home and moved in with my sis and brother in-law about 3 months ago. long story and I don't even care about all the particulars. All I know is my family has included him in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and we're all sort of trying to help him out etc etc. But my sister wants him living somewhere else, and also my niece has been staying nights at my folk's place every night since he's been sleeping in her room. Well anyway, he'll be moving paying a low rent and I'll be a sort of mentor and helping him budget and after a few months I'll get him to pay half bills etc... we'll see how it works out.
OKC was paralyzed the day before Christmas and all day long the news reported on every channel about the mess, the wrecks, the strandings, the roads, etc etc.. the sort of annoying news that never changes, and for some reason those who are smart and stay home have to watch on tv about all the idiots who don't stay home and go drive on it. Somewhat annoying, although I know they are doing the job. But what is also annoying now is the commercials the local news puts on about the 18hour straight coverage, and who was out in it the most and reported the most etc etc..competition between local stations I guess. It just reminds me of how annoying it was when there was nothing to watch while they intterupted the programming. same thing happens here in OKC during Tornado season, they'll interupt programming all night to report as a front moves through whether is ever makes a tornado or not, all in the name of "best coverager" for us viewers, the viewers who'd really rather just be watching tv with out the overdone reporting. I'm not griping this is not a griping blog, I'm just stating it how it is here. :)