Friday, January 08, 2010

R.M. Schindler break..

I found this online today, while searching for Schindler furniture. I had a small catalog of the LAMA auction for the Gingold Commissions, and I guess I found all the angularity and design of the furniture interesting. I am also sort of amazed these house were built in the 20's. wow.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

model love for andrew...

trading spaces

I'm watching a videotape of the first season of trading spaces tonight. I was searching around the quarter basement this week while cleaning around the place since I'm off this week, and I found a box of videotapes that I brought up to share some with my roomie who stays in his room all the time watching movies. Anyway, so I was looking through all the old tapes and found some Woody Allen movies and a tape of trading spaces reruns that my mom taped and sent to me when I was living in Central AMerica. I sort of miss Frank, Genevieve and Paige. ha ha. It is sort of interesting to watch considering how it was a simpler time of USA moving full steam ahead with a raging 90's economy and pre- 9/11.
I got a call tonight from the male nurse that I used to meet up with in Austin who I'd met in OKC a while back and who now lives in Norman. well anyway, we're going to dinner next week. that should be pretty interesting, seeing that usually I've spent time with the guy coming out of a steamroom or leaving a bar in Austin. ha. I"m looking forward to it.
I had lunch downtown with my S buddy and his friend Dave at a place called Johnny's Lunch Box. worked out the back today and on the scales found I"ve reached 175 pounds in gym clothes. well I will say my workouts have remained steady and I'm doing some with reps of 10 instead of 8, but I'll definitely be throwing myself into cardio this new year, I think I should really be 170 now. having family over for dinner tomorrow night, and maybe see Avatar again.
btw, anyone have a favorite on that Trading spaces show? come on you can admit it. I think mine was Laurie or maybe the chick carpenter...
ED. I'm 6'1 btw....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

nice pairs....

new year begins....

the gym today had the usual extra people taking up machines after the new year. one of the regular guys there and I discussed how it usually lasts about a month. and the front desk girl mentioned how she feels sorry taking money for the new memberships that will end up wasted. ha. today was chest day I did about everything there is for chest workouts. my new year thing is to get back to a 5-6 day a week workout plan instead of the 3-4 I've been doing. This means no more skipping arm days, and having two arm days (tris and bis) and then seperate my shoulder and back day. I'm also going to try hard to get back to my morning swims. I want more cardio in my life, that's all there is to it.
I had to go into the school today and get a grade switched from an F to an A, which I had accidentally entered in the system wrong, and the girl found me on facebook to message me about why she was suddenly in academic probation, and was there a mistake. I emailed her back saying of course it was a mistake etc... oops.
while doing that, I also changed this one guy's grade who emailed me after grades were turned in to say he was only 10 points away from an A and could I help in any way. Well I wrote him back that it was too late. But then today while I was at it with the mistake change I decided to give him the ten points, based on his attendance was practically perfect, he was a good student, and there were some things that he'd turned in that others hadn't on assignments before I took over the class from the original professor. anyway, I'm extrememly black and white on these things, but in just this one case, I switched him to an A from a B. so he shoudl be happy to find that out. I don't get back to work until the 19th so I am super bored this week and next. ANyone else watch back to back episodes of scrubs every night at 10pm. it's become my before bedtime routine.
my roomie is getting out by the 27th of the month. so far new year is getting off to a good start. I'm having my folks and some siblings over for dinner this week, it will be lasagna, then one sis brings salad, another bread, and my mom the desert. I planned this so I'd be forced to clean up and get everything in order these next two days.

get ready to MOVE....

Monday, January 04, 2010

oh taylor.....


I mention a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt a lot. Perhaps I've blogged about it before, but the quote is; "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."
I usually consider this quote when I find myself in a conversaion about so and so and what they said or did etc...blah. So with that in mind, when I came across this blog online called Ideas by a guy who says he's an academic economist. check it out if interested, or just move on to the pics...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

finishing up my Dallas weekend

Whew thank you thank you thank you Speedy. wow being in Dallas last weekend was like coming out from under a rock. I think part of it was being with a friend like my dallas buddy, we seem to communicate well and he's a good listener. He's also a good thinker, I forget to ask enough questions to draw out what's on his mind sometimes, there's so much going on. Great guy, and although he's thanking me for helping him move this weekend, I just loved getting away and helping a friend out was aweomse, that's what guys do right? share experiences and hang out and all that...ok well of course I loved the whole social aspect of the weekend.
Saturday morning slept in a bit, eventually getting ourselves to the apt for some final moving of furniture and clearing out of my bud's old place. next to lunch with Organized Chaos and played some Wii and had grilled food, talked about coming out to ourselves stories and first venturing online or other meeting of men. next my bud got ready for work and left while I chilled and planned my evening. I went down on the strip to the bar "J.R's" and had a beer while waiting for Speedy to get off work, he texted me as I got my first beer, and so I chugged it down and walked over to where I parked at his work. we then left to a VERY COOL str8 bar, possibly the hottest little jumping bar of the night "Strip Line". We drank some and enjoyed the awesome DJ mix, then left to check out a gay bar in Dallas called "Tin Room". It was downtown to the strip again and into ROund-up where I ran into an Austin buddy and finally got my New Year kiss. ha. Speedy and I left at closing and both got a hotdog across the street at a stand. we were so hungry by that point. walking to where I parked I saw the ex bf of my Austin bud H. I gave him a big hug and traded phone numbers. I hadn't seen him since I left overseas in Dec 07.!! ahhh (they had broken up while I was gone and I hadn't seen him since!). great way to end the night. got up this morning to see Speedy off to work and say goodbye, then I burned some cd's for him, 2 mix CDs and then Mighty Wind soundtrack, Ella Edmondsun, and School of Seven Bells. and I burned off his laptop the Sufjan Stevens Christmas music, and OK Computer and some Sinead Oconner tunes.
got back in town this evening and realized my two new favorite winter jackets/coats that I bought in NYC had been left at his place. ahh well!! I'l just have to get back, that's all there is to it. hope all are ready for the new year!