Monday, July 05, 2010

pants off confession...

dates with my pants off, well I don't know if you'd call it a "date". it's more like find a guy online or get a call from a guy you met online before and invite them over... only date type experience was with male nurse in Austin where we met out at the club/bar first and then went back to where I was staying to this room up in a tower which had a guest bedroom and then made out tons and messed around a lot more etc...
but I have to confess I did something this morning that I had never done before. an online website for guys to connect has added a feature of chatting and also web camming... yup dan went into a room this morning and tried viewing and then turning on the cam, and next thing I know I'm putting on a little show below the waist. good morning everyone!
yeah, once was enough, I just felt like showing off a bit this morning, it's been so long since I've had the chance with anyone in person. ha
the rest of the day was rather excellent. my okc gay bud and I went to this friend of our's house. where about 6 other guys had come over for a birthday cookout. my bud and I watched an episode of "beautiful people" on Logo tv first, then headed over around 1pm... hung out there mainly was older couples, then us two younger guys, and then this 22 year old shows up. hot straight dark haird tight black t-shirt and tattoos on the arms from Tyler Texas. It was a friend of the guy who's house we were at. they met a year and a half ago and he parties with the Tex guy and his gf chelsea. hot blond from what I saw on his cell phone. also hot stud now and in highschool. he showed me a photo of him shirtless on his cellphone from when he graduated highschool. I dunno what we were talking bout, but I also saw his gf dog and a pic of his great dane. anyway, I don't need to give too many back to back details. that's mike in CA style. ha ha.
anyway all of hung out right up until 530. basically just sitting around inside and laughing at all sort of comments. and me chatting it up with the Tex guy and the birthday guy, of course in the back of my mind I'm thinking how can this guy just sit in and listen in to all these guys talk about sex and stuff and gay topics etc...and who's complaining.
It was a really nice long weekend. you know what, if you have 2 months salary in the bank and own a car, you are in the top 2% of people in the WORLD! the numbers are something like that any way. my best bud in AR called tonight and re assuring me about finding jobs for this fall and all that. I was telling him how I'm pretty well taken care of at this point, paying bills and mortgage and eating and have a gym membership and some fun on weekends. no complaints.
Not having the solid income at this point only has me rely on the security of knowing God more than the security of steady income. that might sound sort of strange to a non-believer but I"m just rambling at this point.
so anyone else do the online camming thing before? fess up.... I'm grading about 5 more essay before hitting the sack tonight.


Anonymous said...

u did what?!!

and u didn't invite ur loyal fans to view u? u cad! scoundrel!
next time u feel like putting on a show, please PUBLICIZE the event, send out invitations!!

to make up for ur thoughtless behavior, the least u could do would be to take a few "below the face" pix and email them to readers upon request. i'd ask u to post them but i know dan in okc doesn't do "hard" stuff. don't think of it as porn, think of it as art...a la michaelangelo's david. we'd settle for a pic of u in a speedo. now there's a delicious thought!

just giving u a "hard" time (pun intended).

i luv to cam usually on cam4. it can be quite addictive. never show face, of course. too risky for my tastes. have even made a few "friends." had a great time celebrating the dutch world cup win today w/ a mate from the netherlands. whew! those dudes in wooden shoes really know how to party!!

so dan, get that camera out and shoot away (again, pun intended).
cheers mate!

JUSTIN said...

Yeah, we don't get to see? LAME! Haha, just kidding bud. I've never been into the camming thing and in fact I don't even own a webcam. Also, I HATE pictures of myself. Video is even worse.

Marshall said...

Just bought a webcam. Not even sure how to use the thing but I am working on it. For sure-next time let us know when the show is. Seriously, do enjoy reading your blog. Your faith, concerns, etc. are very real.

Mike said...

I caught the Mike reference.............. hehehe

Glad to see you are getting out!!!