Wednesday, April 07, 2010

dan's day

ask your folks in OKC and they'll say there was a tv show once called "Danny's Day" which is where Mary Hart got her start... well anyway, I had a good day teaching today and was rather please with the outfit I set out to work in. I wear a shirt and tie at least if not twice a week to appear more proffesory and authoritative, by that I mean authority on the subject of writing. Today I wore my whitish putty colored slacks (it's after Easter after all, yeah I"m all old school about that) and a light blue shirt with a broad striped J crew tie navy/silver. and over that this off-white zip-up polished cotton sweater from banana republic. black belt and shoes. I almost felt like Mr. Rogers when I got to work wanting to take off the sweater, put on some sneakers and talk to a red trolley on a built in track behind me.
If you've ever wondered how your professors think about the classes, well let me just say each has its own personality based on the combination of people in the class. my first class in the morning is my most square. meaning least likely to think outside the box. I have to teach pretty much straight up and directly with that class. my next two classes are really fun chat-em-up and laugh class. they are the more fun interesting varied. the 2nd class is a bit more blue collar and local, and the 3rd a bit more party and experienced. both great great classes. and then my last class of the day is the more "loser" class, and I don't mean that badly, just a slight reference because it's the least likely to show up or turn stuff in. A third of the class rarely shows up, and the other two third, I almost swear they plan taking turns showing up when the other is not there. ha ha.
today they all got the points off if your paper is later speech! I worked out usual Wednesday leg day today. some younger college age type kids in there today, although the hotter one I couldn't help think looking like a complete idiot with his shorts down on his but, nobody wants to see that on the floor. pull 'em up. dang!
oh yeah, and this one guy with tons of tattoos on his arm was walking out while I was walking in to the gym today and I was thinking HOT!.. but the weird thing is how much I hate the idea of getting tattoos or someone getting tattoos, I've just always thought it was pointless and I'd never get one, and then I started thinking maybe the way I always talk to myself about how stupid the idea of tattoos are and I'd never be seen with one , is the exact reaons I think they are sort of hot hot hot on the right guy or girl. ha ha, I know I'm crazy, but the right hot bodied girl or guy with tats running up an arm inside a shirt, and I think man I want to touch that tattoo and stroke it right up inside the shirt etc. must be the forbidden fruit theory sort of thing.
well that was my day. down for the count in about an hour. subbing middle school math tomorrow. wah wah...


Mike said...

We need pics of the outfit!

Anonymous said...

My nephew was on an episode of Danny's Day. Damn I'm OLD !!

Anonymous said...

I live in Laguna Beach, CA now, but I used to watch Danny's Day and the lovely Mary Hart all the time. No one here in CA believes me when I tell them where she got her start.