Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

college days remembered a bit....

i was just thinking about my first year at college this morning before I rolled out of bed. I went to a state school here in Oklahoma with huge classes and shared bathroom dormitories. I also pledged a fraternity second semester that year. It was the first year I got drunk regularly with guys and noticed some hanging on me or getting a lot friendlier. I'd stay over with some buds from high school now and then on the floor of their dormroom and it was the first time I'd hear guys jerking it off at night with me in the same room. I've developed fantasies about those two guys together ever since, i guess that's why. I remember one morning going over to get J who was in a class with me, and knocked on the door walking in and E was in his bed and J was already gone. that was weird but I always wondered what the heck.
oh yeah the dorm showers, first time I saw a bunch of male nudity since I was no big jock in high school. also at the bars or parties on weekends, drunk guys whipping it out in the bathroom sink or back deck of frat house, showing it proudly.
first year I started getting comments as hung, since it was pretty noticeable on a stick like me. I got self conscious of it at the time. now it's all good and I got some meat on me these days to even things out.ha
So I was thinking today I'm going to search out this one hot guy across the hall from my room when I lived in the dorm, I'd heard later that he liked guys. He lived with this taller blond jock type who would bring girls home all the time. I remember he was one of the friendly drunk ones back in college at parties. anyway, I'm wondering today if facebook search will bring anything, i know his high school, year he graduated and first name only. hmmm who knows.
Also I remember the gym at the health complex at the college and how I had just started trying to work out and was way too shy to even consider the steam room there, I was too self conscious of my body/dick I guess. I wonder now and remember all the guys in and out of the locker rooms there, oh man. I also remember some older college guys asking me along on weekends and how awesome it felt as a freshman, isn't it weird how your freshman year you just look up to the older guys even though after college 2 years difference is Nothing! still made an impression on me. I remember being in their room at the frat house upstairs where the member rooms were (pledges were all downstairs 4-8 to a room) and the guys would have the doors locked drinking and talking about screwing girls or their porn or how they'd jerk it etc..I was just laughing it off at the time and taking it all in, i wonder now which ones might have been joking with me for a reason about all that.
well Christmas is a time to remember the past so I guess there's a little reminiscing for ya.. ha

Monday, December 21, 2009

Olaf BLecker photography....

found these nice photos on the Charmants website...