Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

event planner.

my bud, J was asking me during dinner last Friday night in Kansas city about what I really wanted to do in life if I could be doing anything. He expected to hear me something as usual like travel and teach, or start up a landscaping business. but what was really on my mind at the time, and lately, is becoming an event planner. I've always had a knack for making a new use for things when it comes to parties and dinners etc..


the event planner Robert Isabell died at 57 this last summer. I came across this NYtimes story today, about an auction coming up on his furniture. I really liked going through all the photos of his plac.e and loved some of the stuff. basically the crafted wood furniture pieces completley awesome...
Op-Ed Columnist
What They Really Believe
Published: November 18, 2009
Clean energy opponents believe global warming doesn’t exist because that is the only way their arguments make sense.
( I have absolutely no opinion on this either way, I only find it interesting what it would do to the economy if passed.) like I'm teaching in my comp 1 class about an argumentative essay, it doesn't have to persuade the reader to another side, only that the essay makes a valid point.......

merry men

as if Kristen chenowith wasn't enough... gotta love them women channels... well at times like this....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more the merrier

while on my trip last weekend. i did not return with my book/work bag. that meant all my grade records for all 4 classes, and all the role sheets for this semester, my book, etc etc... I had completely no idea at what point I'd separated from it. I had it along in my truck thinking I'd do some checking grades on the road, but then when I didn't notice it in the truck on the way back from kansas City, I thought, well maybe I'd left it in my truck in AR. I called the hotel and left a message, and then called the message number for the AMish furniture builder. FINALLY yesterday, I got a call back from the hotel and sure enough I had taken it into my room Friday night and did not leave with it.. ... whew. it arrived UPS today.. woot woot. yes I'll be getting all of it transferred to the school's computer system soon.
I've been thinking a lot about Kansas City and my NYC trip coming up. I plan on taking one jacket and buying a few while there. ahh yeah.
anyone in NYC can tell me about the Uniqlo store? I've read about it for many years , from what I can tell a sort of Japanese version of Gap or HnM. but what about quality?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

lot of male gene pool out there....

this is Upen Patel..... from India.....mmmmmmmm

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ev'rythin's up to date in Kansas City. They've gone about as fur as they c'n go!

had a really nice weekend. Kansas City is pretty awesome. I'd never really been there before, just once in college when I made a drive through on my up to Wisconsin and back to AR.
My bud J and I headed right up to KC on Friday morning and arrived about 4pm. He got a real nice suite at the Intercontinental hotel on Hotwire for only $80. shweet! we walked over to the plaza and did a whole lot of shopping, the guy gay working at J crew pretty much treated us like a friendly gay couple. we usually look like a gay couple I've noticed when out shopping at the mall. prolly cause we're both pretty much styling some sort of clothes and then we talk to each other like brothers. so what with going on about the clothes we liked etc.... anyway, it was a lot of fun going to shops and stores and then ended up at figlios, an Italian place. back at the hotel room where we jumped into the king bed, so comfortable. he's just a friend so nothing going on in bed. J fell asleep while I was in the shower and we were both crashed by 1030pm. (no action other than I woke up around 2 am from a bunch of yelling and cars down on the street from the bars closing I guess... couldn't fall asleep again for the life of me and so got out of bed and laid on the floor to do something I usually like to do to help me fall right to sleep.....yeah I know weird).
we got up the next mroning and drove up to davis city Iowa to pick up some AMish furniture he had ordered. loaded it up in the back of his dad's ford 150 lariat, and back to kansas city for lunch at "dean and delucas" in Kansas City. I know it jsut keeps getting gayer, our weekend together. I just have to say my bud J had all this stuff planned out, he's sort of the metrosexual type as he calls it. back to AR that night and back to OK the next morning, sunday.
oh! one more thing, somewhere near Joplin, we drive by this HUGE yellow billboard that says in huge letters "MENS SPA" and sauna, 21 and over only. we talked about how something HAD to be going on in a place like that.. ha I think Missouri has more free laws on that sort of thing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009