Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

in kansas city

having a great time on the plaza, basically lots of mall like shopping, restoration hardware and north face and jcrew and a chocolate store. went to figlios italian place for dinner. excellent time with my buddy here. tonight we're at the intercontinental hotel and tomorrow morning some breakfast on the plaza and then drive up for the furniture and back to AR... dean and delucas in kansas city tomorrow for lunch.
excellent weekend weather today for the drive up and afternoon walking around the city.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

all beautiful men....

support our troops. everyone of 'em . God bless 'em all .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the new roomate, and always log off facebook

well I want to ask him to leave SOON. he's not really a new roomate cause he needed a place to stay between apartments. but I'm going to talk to him soon about how soon he'll find another place. otherwise pay rent or get out. and actually I'd rather him move out before Christmas regardless.
I met the guy from the gym, and then worked at the same school where I subbed last year. I think I mentioned him before on the blog. the ex college football player who's been out of college a few years and is like 6'3 and big and muscles. all that. I'm a nice guy and all but I'm not into the situation of him living here all that much. we'll see how it works.
I'm up too late grading papers and it sucks, I'd rather be sleeping. but I didn't get it all done before my night class tonight so here I am staying up a bit later than usual. SUCKS.
at work on Monday, I sat down at the computer in the office there for part time profs, and when I went ot the facebook page, it popped up under another guys account. I was checking out who it was and before I could even click on his profile page, an instant message popped up that he was having with this other dude on his iphone. the usual flirty stuff between guys online, about how big was he, top or bottom, and what they wish they could be doing right now.. blah. then the guy had to go. yup, it was a gay guy who is also working there part time in the building. man that was some crazy stuff. I do admit I checked out his friend's list and some of there profiles. mainly other gay guys. then before logging out, I couldnt' help but do something so I posted a few videos on his wall and then logged off. I messaged the guy from my facebook to say hey, and to be more careful logging off the computer ( I mean there are a lot of old ladies in the office in the computer who could have easily sat down at that desk). anyway, that's all going on here with me this week. work all day tomorrow. gym. then Thursday head up early to AR more than likely. weekend in Kansas City coming up quick. my bud emailed me our hotel reservation tonight. ready here.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

come on week...

ready for this week to get on.... the weekend was nice.
this guy moved in my spare room, i told him only while he's looking for a place, and I'm going to try to get in his mind I mean no more than a month or two tops!!!
thing is I just like living alone too much, ha, or at least some rent money coming in.
not a whole lot of plans this week. my dad's coming over to help repair my fence out back, and then I'll be leaving town Thursday for AR. going up there to take a road trip with my best college bud whose married, and a little hottie. ha. but we are completely jsut friends, all I'd ever want for real. love that guy. we are staying the night in Kansas City, going to shop around, eat out, and then a hotel. Sat morning we are driving to an Amish place north of there to pick up some furniture he had made. then drive back to AR etc..
I get back to the gym tomorrow and although it's chest day, going to do high reps with lower weight, what with not bending my index fingers in bandaids and all.... ha.