Saturday, October 17, 2009

delaware huh?

came across these cool pics of a beach in delaware of all places.... save me, over here, lifeguard.

Friday, October 16, 2009

photoshop handsome

where the streets have no name...

it's actually clear skies and not raining today. not that I"m complaining, the whole foggy cloudy misty rain here and there week, well it's been real nice and fall like. I've mentioned before I like the seasons changing and I missed it last year.
However, I am looking forward to it getting over 60 today and getting outside some to take a break from grading all these dang informative essays, 75 turned in on Wednesday. fun!
I was off the entire day yesterday and only went through 8. now that rate HAS to change today since I plan to get to the gym and then work tonight at 530 the rest of the evening.
one thing I accomplished finally yesterday (I'm really good at getting little things done when there is a pile of things to put off) is getting some files moved around on my computer. basically all the photos from my work laptop a year ago, and then the ones since on this laptop, and I had all these file within files to click on to get to stuff. so that finally I made a 2008 and 2009 file and put them right off of the main picture file. and then managed from there those from travel or home. and then of course a whole seperate soft porn/porn file which unsurprisingly has been kept very well organized. hmmm
I've been contacted by my Austin bud, who's been a bit distant lately what with getting all serious one year with his bf and now working for him, and he mentioned they'd be in NYC in Nov and I should meet 'em there, saying that P, the hot investment banker I met in Santa Fe last summer, wanted to see me too. ha.
I researched some prices online yesterday and there are some delta flight for $188 roundtrip to LGA and I have a $100 voucher from my DC flight last summer so that is cool. and then I can get a hotel room for $120 a night at a cheap place I like on 34th and broadway. BUT overall, I'm not sure if i want the trip that badly...chance are Austin bud is on his own schedule with bf the whole time and I maybe will see him once, and then P and me may or may not actually click and who knows what his expectations are. ha plus I'm working part time and extra time at this haunted house to help my living frugally. on the other hand, I haven't flown anywhere since JUNE and dan is ready to get out of OKC and see what's out there again! I got plenty in savings to pay for the trip and fun in NYC but we'll see, just not feeling it right now.
man talk about not feeling it, was thinking about kids again this week and how my brother has 2 girls and I'm the one left to carry on the family name, and how I wish I would have had kids and definitely one of them a boy. and I was getting ideas on how to date girls again. it's not as easy after college for some reason. guys online are easy.
guess who's going to U2 this SUnday!!! my ex gf is coming in town from AR and we are going to be living it up at the show in Norman, opening band Black Eyed Peas and then U2 live at the OU stadium.. woot woot. going to be a busy weekend, I better get on some of those papers...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

my keys, your boyfriend

that guy singing, oh man......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


travel much?

I thought I'd post about this product called the "Wedge-It." I ordered one a while back to use while travelling. It's small, handy, light-weight and fits anywhere in my carry-on. "What is it?" you may ask. the Wedge-It, found at the website here for the Wedge-It, is a simple device that will hold the door open or closed. It probably could be used for all sorts of reasons by people who need a door to stay open or closed obviously, but I had it recommended to me for security in hotels. My church had a speaker come last spring and talk about international travel. Basically it was for those in the church travelling a lot for missions, but anyone was welcome. The guy had some sort of government undercover job, and mentioned all sorts of statistics especially about women staying in hotels. But also just in general. He advised this little tool as a precaution to anyone coming into your room at night.

Among other suggestions were to never open your door when they say it's the "hotel manager," and to call the front desk instead before ever opening your door. He suggested if you're travelling with women, then after checking in you privately switch keys so that if anyone were to come to the woman's room, they get a surprise when a man answers the door (this had happened to him twice in his field of work getting woken up in the middle of the night and some stranger happened to have the wrong room when he answered). well anyway, if interested (don't all guys love gadgets? Go ahead, take a look, but if not - skip right on to the pics by all means), check out the sweet selection of 4 colors. priced at only $8.95. I love mine.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

oct weekends, ahhh

if you hadn't noticed, I've been re-posting some banner pics from a year ago when I was travelling overseas and killing two months for tax reasons. Ahhhhhh, last October, what a trip. But I'm actually enjoying this fall just being here and seeing the season change after being gone all last year. If you're new to the blog you can check the posts from last October to get an idea where I went (if interested).
I just got back from working the haunted house my third night. whoooooie, I'm beat, but I have to say it's definitely a lot of fun jumping out and trying to scare people. I get about every 2 out of 3 groups pretty good. I don't even bother with the morons who are carrying a flashlight or some sort of cellphone device, shining around the corners etc, like why bother. I'm also ignoring the few idiots who call me an a-hole when I scare them, mainly too big for the pants impress you with curse words highschool kids. but anyway, same deal. dude! this is about having fun. come on! why bother going in if you're going to get pissed or just look for people to ruin it for everyone etc etc etc.. blah. ANYWAY. good extra cash for now that's for sure.
all right I'm washing my usual egg skillet and oatmeal/cereal bowl now before crashing into bed. that helps me get out the door quicker in the morning.. here comes Monday.......

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