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internet photo surfing?

well for those of you just innocently spending some time on the internet and not just looking to get some blood rushing to your brother by looking at some half nude pics of somebody's brother...

I came across these sites today that are pretty entertaining. Basically the first one, Awkward Family Photos, is just that, a series of pictures where either something is not quite right in the pose or in the background.

The next is, Sexy People, which is sort of a study in portraiture across the decades, looking back at children with giant crayons, or senior pics with feather boas, bow ties, or changing styles of glass or hair. interesting site, check 'em out if interested.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

damn shoes

I blame it on the shoes, my former roomie's one size too big for me old pumas that I use for mowing the yard. after I finished such task today i stepped wrong into the space between the curb and pavement where there is a sort of gutter, and OUCH twisted or landed sidways or something wrong. didn't feel too bad, and I was inside getting my shirt and shoes changed for my night class at 5:30. drove to said class. a couple hours later, we're walking around the grounds (it's a trees and shrubs class) and I start to fell a little pain like I need to limp. then I progress to limp a bit more and more so that by 8 we're taking a break and I'm quite painfully limping back to my truck to get my sandwich and then to the classroom inside. I sat there for about a half hour before finally I put up my notebook and pen, put on my jacket and hopping out and down the hall on one foot. it was painful just sitting there with it elevated on another chair. I limped outside the building and could barely move at this point just slowly hobble step by step. some guy in the parking lot drove his car over and said, hey can I take you to your car? and I'm feeling like an idiot cause I'm so proud and independend and feel like I have a strong tolerance for pain and say, well it's just over there but thanks, and he says, hey come on it's that much less pain for you. SOLD. I get to my truck and start driving home. oh by the way, it's my left foot and my ranger is standard. the pain every stop and shift. dang! about 5 miles away back home and in the door, crawling to the phone and getting my folks on call in the morning in case I work up in pain and can't drive to work....ugh.. well I've been laying with it elevated and iced and I took a vioxx so hopefully I'll wake up feeling better and not wors. so much for leg day at the gym tomorrow, possibly any running this week. dang it all.
Justin, I can't even imagine the pain from waiting around to go to the hospital with a broken collar bone. OH MAN!!!! sorry you had to go in, I hope it does heal soon and they gave you good meds . :) a twisted ankle can't be nuthing compared to that one. whoah

ahh. that face!

Monday, September 28, 2009

check out the truth about a bi dude...

from a reader who started a blog of living the bi life.
although, it seems there are a lot of definitions to bi. I'm not sure if that means closet gay married not out undecided either way both etc....
the blog can be found here at truth about a bi blog link.
someone comment on your definition of "bi".
so far I'd have to say the most bi dude blog I've read is from the link on the right, frat closet case, with the guy who likes dudes, but has no qualms getting a bj from a college girl. that's definitely going both ways.