Saturday, September 12, 2009

toon time...

vote for the gay guy

The Oklahoma Humane Society has a competition that begins today at 12 noon. The contestants will chain themselves to a dog house in protest of dog chains. Well, a friend of mine, under the name Butch Sassidy, is in the competition. You can vote for him here at My Life as a Dog, if interested....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

shared experience

teaching remains fun and interesting, we'll be working on the first real essay assignment next week with the final copy due the following week. I was stressing to them over and over to start now and giving them 101 ideas about a shared experience to write about. We also read together in class an essay called "Spoiler Alert, Or Happy Father's Day" from Design Observer which I'd copied for the class. Next time we'll read a few pages from "Hands of My Father," a part in the book where the author asks his deaf mom why she had chosen his name.
The funny thing is as I was coming with random events in your life to write about, I kept using my own events and had to keep stopping myself because they were too obviously personal. ha. For example I said "maybe you were at summer camp in 7th grade and you were trying to pass from Beaver level to Trout for the next summer. You memorized all your bible verses, had all your merit points fulfilled except for the one about throwing a football....." and then I continued,"maybe the guys in your group all really tried to help you learn how to throw, or maybe the counselor of your group even took time after dinner the last night of camp ...." at which point I was saying, well anyway cause it was sort of obvious I was talking about myself with all of those sudden details and I started laughing anyway and saying, hey I was skinny little seventh grader ok? ha
good ole summer camp, I'll never forget it, two weeks! fishing, crafts, hiking around the mountains of Colorado Springs, the camping outdoors the weekend in between the two weeks. the guys I made friends with from Meade Kansas etc etc. It was actually the only time I went to camp. As the 4th of five kids I was lucky to even get the chance to go that summer. My brother and sisters all went to sports camps regularly, but like I said I was a skinny little sucker.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

consequential strangers

heard an NPR radio program, The Importance Of 'Consequential Strangers', with the author of this book, Consequential Strangers - the power of people who don't seem to matter but really do. I'm always interested to hear something about social interactivity and culture norms. This discussion talked about the way we may not listen to a friend's advice, yet take to heart advice from a stranger. Or the effect a small bit of encouragement from a stranger may have on us --
Even considering the new world of social networking online and how we may connect with some total stranger and through common interests develop a relationship. And what is that relationship, friendship? aquaintance? consequential stranger? I began to think of those conversations and dialogue I've had just putting up this blog, and how that affects my ideas and/or opinions of myself. anyway, culture has definitely changed with the opportunity to communicate with strangers online so easily, or even the abilitiy to keep up with people we meet by connecting online continuously regardless of where we live. Should be cool to see where all this goes or how culture norms in the future are changed.
I also enjoyed the discussion of the micro communities that exist between the people you see every day, same bus crowd, or coffee shop crowd, or the same workers at the sandwich shop you see daily. the pleasure of "getting to know" someone although they are never more than that same stranger you see every day, maybe speak to, maybe wave hi....
So, do YOU value the consequential strangers in your life?