Saturday, August 29, 2009

world color

que macho los internacionales

the Globe Roll

If I lived in a big city I'd buy this bike. I came home from volunteering this morning where I had read in my new Monocle magazine all about this bike company in Santa Cruz CA. The bikes start out at $610 and I was practically ready to go online and order one. However living in OKC you don't really bike from place to place year round, everyone drives here, plus everything is so spread out. So I'm posting this to say if I lived in a major big city I'd like to imagine myself riding around in my own Globe Roll bicycle. You can check their Globe Bikes website here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

this was on tv this morning from a talk show etc...
some sort of special effects at play here hmmm

Thursday, August 27, 2009

yeah, I'll admit it, I watched project runway tonight.... now I'm so bored during the boring model show part that I'm checking around craigs in other countries. this one surprised me:

"I will be visiting Amsterdam in October and would like to experience the gay night life in Amsterdam. I am looking for the Bondage and Leather bars and clubs. I am a slave bottom and will be a very happy boy if when I board my plane to return home I have a black eye, bruises, and welts on my back for the whippings I took. My family came from Holland (Friesland?) so this is something of a pilgrimage for me. I would also like any information about CHEAP hotels to stay at. "

and for anyone who cares, I thought Mitchell should have been voted off, and the other guy was ROBBED.

the non sex tape...

well this is really old news, but for the readers who maybe missed it.
there was a video posted of Mcsteamy with uncut hung Eric Dane and his wife and some other "famous" chick all nude, high on something, and hanging out with a video camera. no sex going on btw, just hanging out in bed and then a hot tub. strange. now had it been two guys and his wife that would have been something. ha
Anyway the website Gawker posted a sort of work friendly version here.
and then for the sort of a blurred full monty there is another video posted here on NSFW site fleshbot... ahh to be rich and famous and naked. whatever,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've been listening to this over and over since I posted it, anyone think it's awesome or what? the videography I think is pretty amazing. so grey

i swear I'm not making this stuff up...

this afternoon I go to the bathroom down the hall from the adjunct office, push the door open and the light is off. no big deal, ok. so I flip it on, turn to the row of urinals on the left, and hear and see that there is someone in the last stall on the right, a bag on the floor and then above the stall wall a tall guy's head facing in with door closed. so what do you do in that situation..... I continue on as normal, do my business, walk back to the sink by the door and then leave. But I was trying to hear if it was just one dude or more in that stall, and I almost was wanting to say "so you want this light off?" as I left. ha
definitely going to be an interesting semester. I didn't mean to go on and on about the guys in my class on the last post, ha this is just the only blog where I'd actually talk about it. today I ended up with 75 essays to check after my classes...topics like favorite singer Beyonce, favorite car '70 Plymouth Barracuda, or favorite teacher or most misunderstood religion etc... oh boy. one hottie little bittie blond wrestler freshman wrote about how his favorite sport was wrestling.... ahh.., real quiet dude. And while I was walking to the cafe for something for lunch in the main quad area, I heard someone walk up behind me saying "mr. ......." and it was the same little wrestler froshy asking if his paper was all right etc.... I was all, oh yeah it was JUST FINE!!! ha ha
enough about that. I also started a night class last night in okc on horticulture, it's going to keep me busy learning about deciduous landscape plants. going to contact my old school about subbing a few days a week. sold some stocks yesterday and hoping we'll get a dip in the market.
Did anyone catch the american dad cartoon on fox this last weekend where he was trying to fake gay so the log cabin republicans would accept him, pretty bizarre episode.

summer love buddies

Monday, August 24, 2009

first day as a prof.....

well in a nutshell, my third class today, one talk dark haired freshman from texas on the second row, and a dark tighty tshirt tan freshman on the back row. ha ha. otherwise nothing else much to speak of as far as hot dudes are concerned. except for being on campus in general and walking around and seeing all those returning students with their pecs covered in tighty tshirts....hmm.

otherwise, seriously, i have a bunch of average college kids, a few moms, a truckdriver, and retired navy guy. big time variety of kids but overall they're all middle class and doing the general ed thing before going to a bigger college. I'm going to love teaching them how to write and encouraging them they can do it etc etc.... today was just going over the syllabus, and then the get to know you part where they divide up in groups of four, introduce themselves and get to know some facts about each other. next introduce someone in the their group to the class. I facilitated this and then stressed the point that we'll be doing lots of peer editing and group work and the importance of working together. also gave my spill about "the number one reason people are fired is not getting along with others" and speech about social skills and learning to develop them and work together and appreciate all differences with people etc etc.
I feel way more comfortable now that the first day is over and I see what I have to work with. I'm looking forward to really sinking my teeth into the job and overall it's going to be great to be teaching again. I even cleaned up my house and emptied some boxes of stuff last night, and have the feeling to start doing the same with all the boxes and junk in the back room and my rooomie's old room. in other words, a feeling of permanence and ready to keep the house up and completely move back in and maintain the place. man does it sound like I've been living like a slob or what.

anton antipov

i came across this hot model dude's blog. This guy has a great sense of humor and posts his photo shoots now and then as well as just blogging in general. Now is it fair for a guy to be so hot and european and smart and creative and single in a big city!! dang man. you can check out this straight fitness model's blog here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


my DC buddy was in town this weekend and stayed over last night.
he had a rental car, a 2010 mustang we went on a ride last night to sonic and then braums for a milkshake etc, back to my place for SNL.
man I love talking i tup with this guy, he's got the same religious background deal going on and closet deal with his family. He was smart enough to get out of OKlahoma. now he works for some NGO traveling overseas...
HE's super smart too and that's why I always enjoy him visiting. great guy, nice dark hair, 6'2 and 180 big broad shoulders etc etc.
I'm all ready for the new job tomorrow morning, well be cool to be in the classroom again, also firt time with college freshmen, so we'll see how it goes teaching in that atmosphere.
I just got back from KFC for dinner, and noticed a flat tire before getting out of the driveway, so had to pull into the carport, put on the spare, fight the mosquitoes... argh. now a night of resting up and watching some simpsons and flipping channels. hope all had a good weekend.