Friday, July 31, 2009

wrestlers' bulge

social network blackmail etc...

in case you found yourself actually resisting the latest GQ cover of Tanning Chatum, and not buying the magazine....
well there was a pretty awful disgusting yet of course intriguing story about a guy, over the age of 18, who faked himself as a girl and convinced all these guys, in highschool to send him nude pics and then used them as blackmail to have sex. only a few, but it's pretty bad considering their age and situation...anyway some of the story is here online, but if you get a chance to read the GQ article, it explains a bit more.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ricky berens inspired...swimmers!

stuck in santa fe

here until Sunday and it should be a good week. so far a great time. We arrived Sunday night after seeing the Carlsbad Caverns that morning and driving up through Roswell. That night after getting unpacked and moved into the house we've rented here, we had dinner at La Fonda on the plaza in Santa Fe. We met some friends from Austin there who are performing this week during the Chamber Music festival going on. I had chicken wrapped in some ham and stuffed with some mushroom mix of stuff. and the sauce etc etc. very good.
Yesterday we drove up early into the mountains and went hiking around and looking around the Santa Fe ski slopes and then around 11 to ten thousand waves for spa time and lunch and I got a really nice massage from Naula. she was awesome and it included massaging my mouth some from inside and out. this because I mentioned I grinded my teeth at night sometimes.
we relaxed a bit in the afternoon and then went to a performance of the Miro quartet at the art museum at the Plaza, followed with dinner at the Paris Cafe. This place is ran by French people and very authentic, and the chicken cordon bleu was the best I'd ever had. and for desert a desert which was a layer of chocolate, sponge cake, chocolate mousse, bavarian creme, and then shaved chocolate on top. this morning we slept in and I'm about to go see what the visitor fee is at the gym nearby. I'm here with my Austin buddy whose bf is in NYC and couldnt make the trip because of work and a summer project. we're just friends and thats completely all. We came with another couple from Austin that tyhe hang with etc...

Monday, July 27, 2009