Friday, June 26, 2009

Honduras heads toward crisis over referendum

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Honduras' leftist president hurled insults Friday at congressional leaders who are considering whether to oust him from power in a standoff over his push to revamp the constitution.

President Manuel Zelaya is promoting a Sunday referendum on constitutional changes that has plunged the country into crisis by setting the president at odds with the military, the courts and the legislature that have branded the vote illegal.

Many shops and gasoline stations were closed Friday in the capital, Tegucigalpa, after the city's leading business chamber advised its members to stay shut for fear of disturbances. Some schools closed and supermarkets were filled with panic buyers.

The president led thousands of supporters to the country's main airport, where they seized referendum ballots to keep them from being destroyed at court order.

Then he returned to the presidential palace and lashed out at Congress early Friday for plans to investigate his mental stability and possibly declare him unfit to govern. Lawmakers are also investigating whether Zelaya undermined the rule of law by refusing to abide by a Supreme Court order reinstating the military chief he fired.

He referred to Congressional President Roberto Micheletti — a member of his own Liberal Party — as "a pathetic, second-class congressman who got that job because of me, because I gave you space within my political current."

Zelaya, who counts Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Castro brothers as friends, says the current constitution favors the elite in a country where 70 percent of the population is poor. His backers warn an attempted coup d'etat is under way.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

still in DC ..........ah yeahhhhhhhh

last THursday night we ate at a place called Wonderland, very chill. and then we went to a club called Midpoint. had a lot of fun!
Friday went to the National portrait and American art gallery near chinatown where L had been an intern last spring and showed me all around, next we went to a place called "the Diner" in admas morgan for dinner, then helped a friend of his move from student housing at Washington University to another. then...back home for chill time and crashed.
Saturday I went to the Botanical gardens, then L and I went to Georgetown to walk around and shop and talk and showed me the canal and other places. next met up with J and went to Ben's chili for dinner and then the Iwo Jima memorial, next back over to Georgetown to Prince's Cafe, a hookah bar. he brought me back to their place and then left to stay the night with a gf of Leo's who is like a fck buddy from what I understand. more on all that later.
Today on SUnday I got up and went to the Corcoran gallery to see a Maya Lin and Eggleston exhibit. then J took me to a salvadoran restaraunt where they have Pupusas like we used to have when I lived overseas in his country. next we met some friends and went kayaking in the potomac river which was a blast. came back home briefly then loaded up his two bikes, drove over to the Teddy Roosevelt memorial and parked and then rode bikes along the river and crossed over to the Jefferson memorial, back to see all the other memorials as it got dark, and after the Lincoln returned to our truck and went to Chinatown to a place called California Taco for dinner. now about to crash and wake up for some more fun tomorrow. ahhhh vacationing in Big Cities.... forgot how much I liked that.