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good post up on Justin in Chicago's blog about poppers. Overall, people are free to do as they please when it comes to the bedroom more or less, but I completely agree with him on the turn-off of a guy saying, mind if use poppers. Somewhere along the line, I told myself that if I ever needed something besides my mind and body to enjoy sex, then I was trying way too hard and should probably give it a break. ha
SO that includes poppers, cock rings, all other drugs, toys etc etc etc... I mean seriously you keep pushing the limits then where are you going to stop. It's cool if you don't agree and perhaps going to the extreme. no prob, just not for me.
Another blogger at a popular dude's secret life, is worth checking out if you haven't read his latest posts lately. The guy is having a difficult time with the idea of his parents getting divorced and the stability at home coming apart. He mentioned some things about having feelings of suicide before, but lately just feeling down and wondering of why go on living when his trials of meeting guys doesn't really get him anywhere etc etc.
The dude is in NYC I think this summer, so he just needs to get OUT to clubs and bars and gee whiz anywhere, he's bound to meet normal gay guys around and do some actualy dating without having meet up for hook ups as an only way to meet a guy. Of course I'm in OKC so what do I know.
I will say that I often have the exact same feelings of why go on with life, and what's the point, and I feel like God might as well take me now. I mean not that often, but the idea has come to me before (and I would never and could never end my life myself, my faith definitely sustains me in knowing I'm here for a reason) . Usually I don't let myself go down that train of thought, like how I'll never have kids, never get married, and what's the point of getting older if you dont' have your own children to train and raise and pass on every part of your experience in the world onto. so that you can pass on the better part of that world so as only to improve the experience of your own kids. etc etc. ( blah blah to those who say adopt, that's a wealthy gay man's road as I see it)
I can't complain too much about being single, since I haven't fully accepted myself as gay and come out to my family about it. So pretty much the fact that I'm alone and not meeting anyone is my own fault and only I'm to blame. I know I know...ha
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this was on a friend's facebook page, and I thought it was amusing, especially the whole randomness of 80's video and somehow the video is telling some sort of bizzarre story, I dunno, have no idea, but the director had to be gay what with all the homoerotic bidness... ha

dan's favorite shoes and socks

I have found myself choosing these colored socks over my usual white gym socks this summer, and I really like the look. Here I'm showing my two favorite summer slip on shoes, my old pair of Sanuk shoes (I'm size 9 but these are 10s, with Sanuks you should prolly go one size up or the toe feels a bit tight), and my favorite shoe brand that is no more Medium brand footwear (RIP). The socks I bought at a Muji store last fall. so cool.

model summer

julia roberts on dave letterman

was it me, or was she trying way too hard, or thinking she's a lot funnier than she really is... the audience was gernerously laughing and Letterman couldn't have laughed any faker, which is his job.
I love Julia Roberts but gee whiz don't try so hard. we still like you.

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Burn Notice.....

I used to watch whatever episode of NCIS at the gym from the treadmill during my warm up and then sort of glance at the tv between sets, reading the closed captions from afar, or just watching the action through the mirror. something different was on last week, a show called "burn notice" which I'd seen promo's before and I saw the guy Jeffery Donovan on Regis and Kelly. I watched for a while and saw up until the end. I think it was the last episode of last season, ending with the guy jumping out of a helicoptor in the ocean outside of miami as a refusal to work for the govt and have them watching his back to protect him from former spy enemies... hmmm
During the episode, he was saving another surprisingly great looking spy from a former boss. There is one last seen where a decision is made to shoot the guy and there is this pause where they are looking at each other face to face and I swear the director must have said something like "make it look like you're about to kiss." ha ha. very homoerotic although no happy ending.
SO if you get a chance to check out Burn NOtice, I'd say watch a show a two and see what you think, It's a sort of a made for tv/Bond/mcguyver/spy character show with the hot female spy partner and the unpredictable sidekick buddy usual co-stars.