Friday, April 03, 2009

love you man.

go see it. this movie is awesome, I kept laughing all throughout and there is a gay trainer who cruises str8 guys at the gym and it's pretty funny the way he talks it up to them at the gym. also it says a lot about men in general, jsut about how they make friends.
seriously great flic, go check it out and leave a comment bout it.
this weekend should be plenty in the news regarding immigration what with the shooting in NYC. sad news. I lean pretty firm on stopping illegal immigration, I'm also pretty firm on LEARN ENGLISH. on the other hand I have two great friends that are Mexican and both weren't here legally to begin with althought they are now. btw
if anyone remembers when I blogged about a the MExican guy who wore the tshirt that said "in case of fire pull hose" at my old job, LOVED talking to that guy, well I sent him a letter to call me since I got back to the states and I don't have his number, I found his address online. really hope he calls. HOT
also in the news this weekend is bound to be something about the gay marriage thing in IOWA. WIll it be seen as an activist court decision or will IOWA back it up. Will there be a surge of gay guys going to live and get married there. Will they start up a bill to change the state constitution, I can't even imagine if they did what sort of money will be spent on both sides or what would happen in the streets right here in bible belt. ha should get pretty interesting on the politico gay blogs I guess for a while.
now off to bed, I have to work early morning doing an ACT at the highschool wooot woot. with my monocle and fanastic man magazine to read in tow... ahh yeah

PS for example right now tonight on cspan2 they are going round and round about local police arresting for illegal immigration status, OF COURSE IT"S NTO A GOOD IDEA, i wish they'd shut up about that and talk about what anyone's doing on a federal level to enforce it so that locally they are sitting around saying, gee no one is doing anything maybe we should etc etc.. blah blah.

c'mere buddy

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terribly good documentary tonight on pbs on jim jones. ughh
worked chest at gym today and got the usual groceries, eggs, milk, bread.
Heroes sucked tonight because there is a guy who was a shape shifter, and so Sylar wanted to kill him and get his powers etc... blah
The guy who could take on the form of anyone he wanted used his power to change into different guys and hook up with women at the bar. It made me think of what if the guy was gay and could take on the form of anyone and pick up any guy he wanted ... ha ha. and then I thought that'd be weird if he took the form of some hot straight guy and then someone tries to out the real guy....yeah I'm thinking way too much obviously.

my usuall re occuring fantasy when it comes to such things is a college dude partying it up on spring break, and he's drinking with some new big ole hot guys, maybe military, who keep buying him a drink, and eventually they get him to come back to their room, and they get back to the room and the older dark haired guy who's big ole farm guy looking but in incredible shape from working out says he's gonna take a shower before he crashes, and then the other military dude is blond and guy next door body but ultra in shape from training, and he ends up almost passing out next to the guy they brought home on the bed, and then they start cuddling up a bit and laughing and nex thing you know............ ha , anyway, goes from there, eventually the dark haired come back from the shower and joins in , so to speak.
Man I had so many drunk situations in college where I just WIMPED OUT when I know situations could have gone to some FUN. I even remember older guys in college drinking with me and asking if I could get home all right etc... I guess that's why I think of that fantasy now and then. regret regret... no not really, I had an awesome college life actually even if I was all confused.