Saturday, March 07, 2009

rock and roll

man I love the rock, I'm watching snl home tonight and the rock just did an opening number that was awesome... man, it's official I love beefy big guys like that. really. I'm just saying add it to a list, that's not my only type or anything.
It reminded me when Dwayne johnson was on there before, the skit where he jumps up on the table. this clip doesn;y show it all but a part of it.

had and a good weekend, the funeral was excellent for my friend B. Former Miss America 2007 sang, a LOT of people showing up and many remarks about how completley giving and special he was to those he knew....I completely regret not knowing him better. I look forward to getting to know his social group a bit better this next year if possible. I'll also miss knowing someone was reading both my real blog and my closet blog other than my buddy S.
Today I went to the carshow at the fairgrounds with buddy S. It was a bit smaller than usual, no surprise, but I did like looking at the Mustang and Ranger, and the Toyota 4runner... ah yeah. oh yeah and a new Dodge Challenger. And I looked checking out all the other dudes at the car show of course, I'll admit.
We talked all about what news men in town are gay or maybe gay, you'd be surprised at how many in OKC I know from bars or friends to be gay. Or maybe its no surprise and thats true for newcasters everywhere?

we could all use some every now and then

good morning

Thursday, March 05, 2009

hold on buddy


anyone geard up to see Watchmen this weekend, I think I"ll try and see it, mainly for the special effects, and a little bit for the blue guy supposedly nude the whole film. ha
I got outside today, it was awesome outdoors all day, and then drove to visit my parents.
I mentioned going to a friend's funeral tomorrow, and explained everything, and my dad says, was he single? and I felt like saying yeah he was a single gay man but he never shared it with his family and now I suppose will never have to. but of course I didn't.... I'm sure they'd have to see what I was really trying to say about myself. whoah.
I bought a shirt on the way home, went to the gym, back and shoulders day, then back home for some tv all night long. a little of American Idol, 3rd rock, back and forth to PBS, then ER..blah Noah wylie back on there, and some stupid episode trick of a documentary being filmed and them talking to the camera..... yawn....they did that on MASH years ago.
growing up in OKC one thing was every night after the news, MASH reruns were on. I've probably seen everyone many times, my favorites were the early ones with col. blake and frank.
I had a really good talk with mom and dad about future career options. also I have a roomate possibly moving in from AR this summer. I could use the extra rent money plus the company.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

just HOT

still in okc.......

I went to my singles group bible study tonight. fun time, the leader had some tight jeans on and a tight shirt just coming from gym, but I wasn't really noticing, he's a really good looking latin guy but I just see him as another dude. I just think it's funny how he dresses all hot. ha
was a good small group of 6 tonight so we got some good discussion going on marriages and commetiment and being single etc etc. I'm glad I went. it's usually every other Tuesday night. so I gave up Scrubs tonight, and also that new border control show which I really like.
worked out at gym yesterday chest, and then tri's today. It's funny because I'm at my highest weight of 170 and keeping my workouts consistenet and all, but I want to do more cardio at this point like I was in doing in Kabul, but this time I plan to swim more. have to start that out and it gets even harder to get up and do that what with daylight savings coming up! yuck.
whats funny is when I tell someone at school how skinny i used to be and they say to me, you are skinny. ha , that cracks me up, I'm definitley keeping in shape but i want to be TIGHT. ha
It's weird to be talking about relationships and marriage I realize that. I pretty much just listen and speak my point of view, but at the same time I have the idea of how some people just stay single. IT's a good social time overall.
I'm going to call this guy from the cafe at some po0int this week. he's an ex buddy of passing fancy, and I want to get to know him better, jsut as a fellow bud in okc. I know we have religious backgrounds and both play piano, so I got his number last saturday and have yet to call him.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

love these guys! oil up buddy

who likes rasslin?

adidas shopping online

saw these shoes in an ad and now am going to have to seriously consider some online shopping.... the thing about the track jacket is I have this thing about quality styled design that doesn't flash the brand label on the garment. and the shoes, well I don't have any black sneakers so.....

pics won't enlarge any I had to use their menu shots the rest were in flash.

but you can check the collection at adidas slvr here.