Saturday, February 28, 2009

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shameless self promotion for the blog here.................if you get a chance to check out AUSSIELISCIOUS linked on the right, go visit the site and leave a comment requesting to re-link daninokc. I want to keep up with my aussie-readers. ahh yeah.


goodbye friend

well I'm not sure if you remember a week or so ago I was posting about going to an exhibit opening downtwon and mentioned I should have asked S. or B. My friend S, notified me Thursday that B had a stroke at 8m and wasn't found until 11am. he was conscious Friday and communicationg with friends and family but then some swelling occurred Friday night, and I recieved a call this morning he'd passed on. how very sudden and unexpected. I have considered the need to get together and get some social occasions going on with what gay community I am in contact with here in OKC for a while now, and never moved forward on it. and now too late. You just never really know. This man was not a drinker or smoker at all and did have high blood pressure but was healthy overall. B is a man I met through S. He had invited us to a Miss AMerica fundraiser a couple years ago, and then I've seen him socially a few times since then, most recently at the mall and then the Christmas party I went to in December. He had kept up with my blogs a couple of years now, having stumbled across this one and realizing it was me when I headed out for overseas. he was nothing but supportive and extremely friendly and kind. a complete class act. anyway that's all I'll write. but wanted to say goodbye although a casual friend, although I regret not reaching out and having known him better.
the pic is in honor of B's involvement in helping her get to miss Oklhoma on the way to Miss America.

Friday, February 27, 2009

locker room memories....

I subbed this week at the school where I went to 6th-8th grade. It's been remodeled over time and due to fire codes, the basement lockerooms and 2 classroom can no longer be used. I just had to go down and check them out because it'd been since 7th grade since I'd been down in those locker rooms. ( the new gym was completed my 8th grade year with locker rooms right off the gym, thankfully still including group showers... ) after checking it out, I went back down to take a few shots to share with the blog for those who care, you don't see much of group showers these days. but here where the green mat is they used to have all the benchs in rows where we'd sit in our assigned place every day and put on our gym uniform. they made us dress out and shower every day. I distinctly remember how I did'nt even care until somewhere around 7th grade I stared feeling pretty skinny compared to other kids. I didn't have any fascination with dudes at the time from what I remember other than I remember in 7th grade two guys already had hair (same two guys that quit growing any taller past 9th grade). you can see the group shower pic, there were 5 on each side. and then the last pic is looking back from where I took the first pic. this was the only door in and out of the locker room with the coaches office on the right, and I remember having a "seeing a grown man nude" experience once while changing and looking over to the coaches office and seeing one of our teachers strip down and change into his gym clothes. it only happened once cause usually he wore the athletic clothes all day and that day I guess changed while we did before class. feel free to leave any comment on similar memory from junior high.

ain't it nice to know that guys wanting to streak around now and then is international....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

join the crew

day off

was downtown this morning for a volunteer meeting, got all my tax stuff together to give to my accountant friend from church, i added up all my days out of the country and it came to 336, so I should qualify for a full refund on taxes.. we'll see..
I'm looking forward to andrew bird concert coming up spring break in tulsa. should be fun.
i finally got back to one of my favorite bookstores downtown okc today and bought 8 issues of the New York Times magazine, they sell 'em there for 75 cents and I used to pick one up weekly on my way to my night job. I'm way behind now so I have some catching up to in my reading.
I worked legs today, and at the gym got a little depressed at this really older guy cruising the locker room, thinking I never want to be that, and shouldn't he be at home with a wife or husband growing older happily together etc etc... anyway I get those random thoughts a lot. (ED not meant to sound unkind, I just want a goal of not being in that place someday)
for example there were 4 OU crimson red shirts on today in the gym, and I was thinking man if you ever move to OKC just put on an OU shirt and you'll instantly fit in as a local. well that and be able to carry a conversation with any stranger that starts one. ha

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kiss me buddy

spring soon in okc

well I cancelled ceased and desisted my accounts to manhunt and adam4 yesterday. what a clean freeing feeling.... ahhh..... I really do want to stick to my original goal for this year to meet someone for real and not do the online thing where it can be more of a hook up not a meet up etc....

I've been thinking a lot about falling in love. I want to experience it again, me really fall for someone and revolve my world around that person and then have someone fall for me and whether interested in everything I have to say or not, at least have patience to listen or laugh off a disagreeal. and the working out at the gym, you know, someone to appreciate it in person and contact. ha

well the prez is on tv tonight. I know Bush was a former cheerleader but Obama is certainly getthing the cheering going on tonight. I'm all for it, let's go USA. I just wish the govt would remember to regulate in good times as well as bad times. but enough of politics. blah

I've been getting things organized and cleaned around the house, yes I still have boxes in the extra room, but I'm still looking for some things. Also I was looking at some old photos of my house today and thinking, oh yeah where is that picture or that book or other object etc...

I finally broke down and got cable last Friday. the 11$ a month basic cox. I had been going with the rabbit ears and 4 channels since back in the states, and then I lost 2 of those last week, thus the cable. now I have all 3 networks, fox, PBS, cspan, and my new favorite whenever book tv is on c-span2. ha

weather is warming up here and I've already been out in my yard while off the past few days. I've been thinking that someday I'd like to experience mardi gras, maybe we need to do a bloggers weekend down there. Also I'd like to experience burning-man some day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

big and Tall....

you're beautiful

dustin lance black gave a great speech at the oscars

Sunday, February 22, 2009

okc update

adam4adam is quite the website. I tried it out the last couple weeks and noticed there are a LOT more men of color on that site than others I'd checked out before. of course after last weekend I'm over it, having seen what's new and then the same guys in okc I've already seen online or out before etc... blah. but black and latin guys, definitely better represented. I actually even got some good aquaintances that I've added on yahoo chat from that site, which was more of what I was looking for anyway, you know the whole gay social community thing, if we're not out at the bars anymore I guess we're online, and it doesn't always have to be about a hook up, right?

now it's time ofr what ELSE is going on good ole Oklahoma City, now that I'm back and living in the states, I'm branching out into my old haunts, which means I had lunch last weekend at the museum art cafe, something I used to do every saturday but now in slim times I aim to do maybe monthly or less. I also went to the oscar nominated short films a few weeks ago, and then last week an ANdrew Wyeth lecture on wed. night. Thursday I saw the forgettable but entertaining Tropic Thunder, tom cruise has never looked worse, but robert downey did a good job I'll admit. The museum was showing the film as part of their oscar tune-up. Downey was nominated as supporting actor in that one. this weekend I saw the film Coraline and Fired-up. just for fun. although I was pretty pissed at the theater because on public radio, science fridays, they said to make sure and watch the part after the credits of Coraline, and so I waited and waited for the end of the credits and then right as the extra part started they turned off the projector. arugh! was a well done animated flick I will say, and the guys in the fired up movie have good chemistry and show some skin so no dissapointment there either. ha

I'm emailing past grad school professors this week about suggestions for my carrer and prospects of finishing grad school either at UCO or OU. also still waiting to see what comes up for overseas positions for next fall. workouts going steady, except I'm only going 5 days a week instead of 6, and so I'm not getting separate days for shoulders and back day like I used to. as spring approaches I plan to start getting up and swimming in the mornings again. I fell it gives one a better athletic look compared to just the gym worked out look, if that makes sense, also it feels great the rest of the day after a good morning swim!

homecoming queen indeed

in case you hadn't already seen in the news about the male student that won homecoming queen at George Mason Univeristy, the washington post article is here.

and then here's a news clip from youtube.