Friday, February 20, 2009

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gym fashion

I was thinking that if you're wearing daniel cremieux, then you're over 50.
and if you're wearing ralph lauren polo, you're over 30
and if you're wearing abercrombie you're over 20.
I couldnt' think of one for 40

well I had this idea while changing at the gym, random thinking.
I want to discuss trends in gym wear. there is this one guy at my gym that always comes in stretches and wraps a bandana around his head. i don't get that.
I will also say that there was this latin guy that used to come in and wear sunglasses while working out, and someone told me that he HAD to be from Miami.

but the basic gymwear these days, in okc anyway, is ankle socks and short and a t-shirt, and I notice a lot of guys wearing usually a white shirt at the gym.
Other trends I can think of are when guys were wearing hammer pants, or when they started wearing pajama bottoms. that was sort of a weird one.
anyone notice and strange trends that guys wear at the gym?
you should check out Michael Jackson's stuff he's auctioning off.
there are catalogs of the auction online at this website. bunch of STUFF! ha

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tv watching.....

please please please don't let me watch the next "you're fired". nothing worse than a b list of "stars" on any show. the only reality show I actually got sort of into, and it was one of the worst ones, was when reality shows were still sort of new, and they had melissa rivers and bruce jenners in some sort of vote 'em out sad survivor remake. anyway, for some reason that was one I actually got into. BUT all other b list stuff I will NOT watch! ha ha. I just KNOW that eventually somehow people will get a clue to the idea that these things are so carefully casted so that people never get along, or maybe we'll eventually not think its funny anymore to see people not get along. I was wondering what with the "recession" and all if perhaps they'd start putting out more positive happy ending shows. enough reality of life is full of ugly acting people i say.

oh yeah, and if anyone watched heroes, ya know I just sort of caught up after getting back to the states last dec. but after last week I thought of never watching it again, what's the point of a hero show if you kill off all the heroes. sorry for whining. but ya know I have a problem with the almost perverse display of torture on crime shows and now the same thing on heroes last week.

there is a time and place for the bad guy wins story, or the realistic ending of life is hard people die and sometimes the bad guy gets away, but that should eventually run its course I'll hope.

buddy love....