Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i want to swim....

i know I hear a lot about lay off all the cardio when I talk about getting big at the gym, but really I'm not all that about getting huge, and I like to swim and run to keep an athletic sort of shape not just a work out boy shape, if that makes sense. well anyway, I was checking out this swimsuit online today that I first saw in my Monocle magazine.I decided I had to have it, Orlebar Brown... but it's over a hundred dollars and so I'm hesitant, for now anyway. ha ha. anyway, here is the swimsuit I'm deciding between the short or longer, and then some other random pic from another swimwear site.the guy in the glasses cracked me up.

hello blogger and readers

I'm not sure who's out there anymore. what started as a sort of community of closet bloggers then blogs of gay guys already out and about, and then now there are just so many to choose from. I like keeping up with the ones I started linking to at first, and then others I keep up with from my favorites list on my computer etc and of course from there you can always find tons of others clicking back and forth. It's fun, but I've lost some direction on mine and a bit of the sense of community I began with. but on the otherhand I have kept up chatting online with quite a few of the bloggers that I began contact with through the blog. by either chatting online or via email which is pretty cool.
and then there are the pics posted comparing what we bloggers think is hot, and some focuse more on specifics like nudity in public, or speedos, or hot guys in general or dilfs or whatever.
back in okc now, I'm getting back into gear of finding things to do in the city. my singles group is one of them meeting every other tuesday night, so I did that last night. ALso I'm working out more regularly now which is awesome, yesterday was biceps and today is legs day.
tonight I'll be at the preview showing of the "Harlem Renaissance" exhibit at the Oklahoma Museum of Art downtown. so that gives me an excuse to go eat out downtown tonight, I probabloy should have called Sctt or Brce but I'm going to go solo and practice my mingling when alone skills.
hanging out in Austin last weekend really got me motivated to clean up all my crap in the house and get organized and motivated to get back to finding regular work and earning some CASH.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

last saturday ......

ahhh Austin! we got up saturday, picked up the bf and went to the dog park, met some friends there, walked and talked and followed the dogs around etc... next, dog home and then lunch at my favorite pizza place called Southside Pizza which is great and a classic in town, then shopping at the Great Outdoors plant nursery, and then a drive out to hyde park and to the Elizabeth Ney Museum which was pretty cool having his artist bf explain stuff. next the mall for some shopping for a tie and vest for opera that night. home for a shower and watch some tv time and relax, then by 6pm we are all blacktied suit and tied up for the opening dinner night upstairs at the performance center with all the donors and members for a 3 course meal, followed by the Opera "rigoletto". afterwards we went by this Equality Texas fundraiser just as the huge party crowd was getting ready to leave all liquored up and very happy to meet and greet us. ha
back at the house and I receive a text msg from a guy named J. a super cute dark haired realtor guy I'd met a few years ago there( i had planned to go out for few hours to give my bud some alone time with his bf), we plan to meet up at the club rain, then I give him a ride home and stay at his place. lots and lots of making out and stuff, his body so smooth and tight, and then we both jo and fell asleep. ...... returned home sunday in time for super bowl.

outcast radio

I want to mention my bud's radio show in Austin, I spent the weekend with him and his bf, and after I left SUnday morning, he interviewed his bf on the show last night. ahhhh
anyway, I get a sort of mention twice when he says his friend was visiting from out of town, and then his bf talks about the southwest and a conversation about artists John Currin and Jacob Collins.. ha that was our discussion in the car sat. anyway if you have time for a 30 min podcast, it's a great show every Sunday at 6 pm for live streaming or free download. Link for outcast Austin webpage is here.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

hey speedy...

leaving okc, the snow and ice at the airport. all gone when I returned...

here's my bud's saab I was running around Austin in, nice change from my ford ranger. ha

stack of books from amazon and the one on the bottom a gift from my austin bud....first I have to finish my current book, "craving community"

Austin , hello cowboy

well another great weekend has passed, running around third wheeling it with my bud down here and his new bf. meeting new people, seeing some I've met before, and being asked why not move to Austin? ha
well actually I half considered it this weekend but I could never afford to live like I'd want to here, meaning in south Austin near everything, but I am going to move the possibility up on the list of life existing outside of OKC.
Last post was THursday afternoon, I went to pick up my buddy from work and took him to the news 8 studio. That was a first for me going in and sitting down in one of the cubicle while one of the broadcasters taped a 3 minute interview with my bud across the room. he returned to work, i went and ran 3 miles at the gym treadmill. picked my bud up later... and the usual dog park after work time (dog parks all over Austin and boy does everyone love dogs around here!), and then we met up with his bf and went to a Thai restaurant downtown, and then a Martini mixer and the Brown Bar which was a sort of wamr up party for the Viva Las Vegas fundraiser with ASA (Aids services of Austin). next was the AA meeting for my best bud to get his one year coin, which was sort of the reason I came down, and I was almost crying when he stood up to get it and then spoke about how hard his recovery has been and how he finally made it through his first year etc... next we came home and then we all crashed, me on the hide-a-bed. The thing is it is a one room studio condo just south of downtown on lamar so sharing a room with him and his bf can be tricky. For example thursday night I said " ok I'm going to go shower and get ready for bed, I'll be in there for at least 30 minutes! ha " to give them a little alone time ya know.
Friday I took my bud to work and then relaxed at his place having breakfast and watching tv and cleaning up the place for him, got him for lunch and we went to some Irish tavern place on 12th and Lamar. he returned to work and I went to my favorite men's store called "Mens Servicewear" on Congress st near Mary St I think. bought a shirt and thanked the owner for mailing me a pair of shoes and sunglasses last year while I was in Kabul.
went to the gym to work chest, then shopped some at REI sports store, Whole Foods, then Waterloo Records where I bought the latest Snow Patrol CD. after work, my bud and I went to a show downtown called "Ain't Misbehavin" and the Paramount theatre downtown Austin. it was featuring Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis from American Idol ( which i don't watch). they were all excellent in the show. we stopped at T Peters for chicken sandwiches on the way home. coming up a post about SATURDAY....and the re-connection with a hot cowboy.
---I just need to get my buddy out of bed and get to the airport just now.....