Thursday, January 29, 2009

sleep over........

ted haggard...

IF you care or have followed any of's about the preacher who fooled around and was asked to leave his church in colorado, well anyway, towlerload had posted about it the other day here.... and then I read this article in Christianity TOday here. sort of remarks on the preacher having his say in the media. If you're not interested just scroll on....

in AUSTIN........

arrived on schedule wed afternoon, went to work with my bud for a while, then back to his place for some chill times. next to the a place called "the clay PIT" downtown AUstin with contemporary Indian Cuisine.... hmm. it was actually really good. I met his new artist bf who is a famous neo classical realist painter...??
and then a couple of his other best buds in austin, so we all had a good time, came home after and laid around at his place watching "horton and the who" on video by demand. yup....
today I have his saab car after taking him to work, stopped by the book store for a Frame magazine, and then a haircut and the grocery store. Now I'm headed to the gym before lunch at WHole foods, then back to pick him up at work and take him by a tv studio for an interview and hopefully some shopping and more chill time this afternoon. the best thing is getting out of okc and the weather here is in the 60s.
I forget how much I love getting to a big city like austin.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

joel mchale from soup

my hair's in my lip gloss...... ha ha

Monday, January 26, 2009

keep it clean guys

ice ice baby

iced over okc tonight, and so quiet in the house tonight, I live on a corner of two neighborhood streets so it's really noticeable when it's like saturday morning and none of the usual traffic out, or holidays or like today, NOTHING, everyone just stays HOME. I subbed today and had one planned for tomorrow but the school is closed. ahhh well. I'll be spending the day packing instead. I hope to get all things put away and then plan all the right things to bring with me to Austin. I'm going down there wednesday and staying all weekend. my buddy there has his one year sobriety I'm going to his meeting with him for, and then we're also going to a dinner and opening night for "Rigetello" in AUstin, so my first opera and suit and tie event. ahh yeah.
I have been pondering many things, closet me, as usual this last weekend, after Sunday's sermon on marriage which included that man is incomplete without a woman. I was thinking yeah, I feel pretty incomplete but..... ha. and then my mom got me this book for Christmas which hadn't arrived in time so I got it this week and started reading it, "Craving Community, the New AMerican Dream". so far I'm enjoying it.
If you're not an avid reader of dudetube blog, he had a post up the other day about gay for pay porn stars on Tyra banks talk show, I"m linking the queerty blog page here. It has a lot of seperate clips posted. very interesting, and there is a gay guy on there saying he's against the whole idea, and then someone else comments on the page about all these self hating gay guys etc etc blah blah. but that also made me think about if I"m a self hating gay guy???? so I"m mulling that one over what it means and does it define me at all, I'm not completely serious here guys, I'm just saying I want to understand what group that is and what it means.
and I've been watching all of these guys video's on youtube. they are hilarious.

Sunday, January 25, 2009