Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve day

I saw the movie Avatar last weekend with my Austin bud who was in town... IT WAS AWESOME.. I'ts not just hype, the effects are so stunning and as the story rolls along, you are completely captured by everything on screen. OK, well first of all this was my first ever 3D movie. I never thought much of 3D movies, but the way they are made today. oh my! dang if they could that science into porn films, it'd be pretty wild. ha
anyway, this is DEFINITELY one to see AT A THEATRE. sure it's predictable and pretty stereotypical, but man what a FUN RIDE! serious!
I am driving down to Dallas this morning for New Years. Blogger buddy Wyatt lives down there and I'm going to help him move some stuff into a new place, and then later tonight I'll be meeting some OKC buds in town for New Years. Friday I plan to shop a few favorite places for next year's Christmas stuff, and then most likely come back on Saturday or Sunday depending on what there is to do in Dallas.
I'm looking forward to the drive and having some good mind rambling think time. you know like when you run at the gym or mowing the yard. I hope to bring up to myself what I have done this last year with myself and where I want to see my career going next year. I'll need to consider is it my house and yard keeping me from moving from OKC or is it family? I also want to consider options of teaching in San Antonio or applying with DOD schools for something overseas. I also want to think back on what I've been able to do this last year in serving God and what opportunities or what more I can do this next year to keep that part of my life more meaningful. In what ways can I be more available for Him to use my life, and I want to consider my purpose for who I am and what I'm doing. well anyway, those are the things I'll be going over with myself.
I also want to look back on last year and the resolution I had of drinking nothing but water. I stopped drinking and juice or coke or anything since last jan 1. Although I did have about 6 cokes this year, and then of course beers when I've been out drinking which is not often. I'll probably keep it up but I need to get back to swimming laps this year. I stopped at some point last spring (it has been a mental thing for me about not having the right swimsuit and being too lazy in following through getting one I like, don't get me started).
I am going to aim for less porn this year, and try to get out and find something real and physical and heart-felt with a real person. I also want to set a new years goal of ZERO online chat(cruise sites that is) or contact or checking of Craigslist. been there done that and it's become pretty retarded I've decided the WHOLE thing.(go figure).
I also need to consider which friends are worth keeping and which ones I need to lay off on and stop being the person keeping things going... if that makes sense.
I mentioned the guy that came over last week from the internet. young hot blond guy i think was 23, beautiful face and hot legs, he was a dancer in college. anyway, what a boring time, first off was exciting talking and touching and getting closer, eventually making out and grinding, but as the clothes came off and we were messing around it became routine, too easy, too generic and blah. anyway, we took care of ourselves and he headed out completely satisfied, but I was hiding my discontent and probably gave an unconvincing "I'll be in touch".
what an awful way to end my new years eve post, quick let's get this back upbeat. My roomie is moving out this next weekend, and then I'll possibly have a new houseguest in a few weeks, the bf of my neice that ran away from home last semester and has been living with my sister. long story. he's 18, and my family got him a great full time job, and a church connection got him a car for $50. now he needs a place to live cheap. so that will be with me. I actually do like having someone around, plus I hear he's extrememly neat.
I am excited to get back to work next week and see what new students are in all my classes. I am also going to start throwing myself into applying at local schools this spring, DOD, and research more about the San Antonio job as far as pay and living expenses there etc. the thing about applying at local schools is writing out these essays about my philosophy of teaching or why I'm a teacher .... all which I take pretty seriously in writing of course. but ugh
TRAVEL...I definitely want to continue to travel. which means saving up the CASH. I know I have a DC trip in mind for this spring. we shall see.


Robin said...

Looks like you have some good ideas to take with you into the New Year!
Enjoy your blog...glad you take the time to do this on the comp. Good luck in 2010!

Mike said...

Happy New Year!!!

Enjoy Dallas!!! Looks like you have some definite plans for 2010!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Have a happy, healthy and blessed New Year! May you find your heart's true desire.