Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i swear I'm not making this stuff up...

this afternoon I go to the bathroom down the hall from the adjunct office, push the door open and the light is off. no big deal, ok. so I flip it on, turn to the row of urinals on the left, and hear and see that there is someone in the last stall on the right, a bag on the floor and then above the stall wall a tall guy's head facing in with door closed. so what do you do in that situation..... I continue on as normal, do my business, walk back to the sink by the door and then leave. But I was trying to hear if it was just one dude or more in that stall, and I almost was wanting to say "so you want this light off?" as I left. ha
definitely going to be an interesting semester. I didn't mean to go on and on about the guys in my class on the last post, ha this is just the only blog where I'd actually talk about it. today I ended up with 75 essays to check after my classes...topics like favorite singer Beyonce, favorite car '70 Plymouth Barracuda, or favorite teacher or most misunderstood religion etc... oh boy. one hottie little bittie blond wrestler freshman wrote about how his favorite sport was wrestling.... ahh.., real quiet dude. And while I was walking to the cafe for something for lunch in the main quad area, I heard someone walk up behind me saying "mr. ......." and it was the same little wrestler froshy asking if his paper was all right etc.... I was all, oh yeah it was JUST FINE!!! ha ha
enough about that. I also started a night class last night in okc on horticulture, it's going to keep me busy learning about deciduous landscape plants. going to contact my old school about subbing a few days a week. sold some stocks yesterday and hoping we'll get a dip in the market.
Did anyone catch the american dad cartoon on fox this last weekend where he was trying to fake gay so the log cabin republicans would accept him, pretty bizarre episode.


Anonymous said...

Care to say which companies you sold?

Crap Newsman said...

Back to school retail was down 4% YOY. That's very bad. But retail index was up. There probably won't be a dip for some time. The govenment and media will manipulate the data for as long as they can to bait the ignorant suckers. When the real economy finally catches up with the manipulation, then it's downhill from there.