Monday, August 24, 2009

first day as a prof.....

well in a nutshell, my third class today, one talk dark haired freshman from texas on the second row, and a dark tighty tshirt tan freshman on the back row. ha ha. otherwise nothing else much to speak of as far as hot dudes are concerned. except for being on campus in general and walking around and seeing all those returning students with their pecs covered in tighty tshirts....hmm.

otherwise, seriously, i have a bunch of average college kids, a few moms, a truckdriver, and retired navy guy. big time variety of kids but overall they're all middle class and doing the general ed thing before going to a bigger college. I'm going to love teaching them how to write and encouraging them they can do it etc etc.... today was just going over the syllabus, and then the get to know you part where they divide up in groups of four, introduce themselves and get to know some facts about each other. next introduce someone in the their group to the class. I facilitated this and then stressed the point that we'll be doing lots of peer editing and group work and the importance of working together. also gave my spill about "the number one reason people are fired is not getting along with others" and speech about social skills and learning to develop them and work together and appreciate all differences with people etc etc.
I feel way more comfortable now that the first day is over and I see what I have to work with. I'm looking forward to really sinking my teeth into the job and overall it's going to be great to be teaching again. I even cleaned up my house and emptied some boxes of stuff last night, and have the feeling to start doing the same with all the boxes and junk in the back room and my rooomie's old room. in other words, a feeling of permanence and ready to keep the house up and completely move back in and maintain the place. man does it sound like I've been living like a slob or what.


Nick said...

Seriously dude, I am so jealous of you. I cant wait to be a college professor!

Its been a while that I have read your blog, I can't wait to catch up.



Mike said...

LOL... are you sure you were teaching? It sounds like you were checking out the population!

Bi Like Me said...

Hey Dan! Nice blog, interesting read. Check out mine, we have alot in common, and I've listed your blog on my blog list.

Please list mine!