Monday, June 15, 2009

summer so far

saw the movie Hangover. it's awesome, go see it now. An excellent and funny guy movie for sure. check it out!!!
Old Navy had a sale here in OKC half off all menswear. I went iwth a friend and bought some briefs and shorts and t shirts, after all I'm currently working part time only at a water park and not sure yet what's up this fall. Saving money at Old Navy is a lot different than a year ago shopping Lacoste stores in Barcelona and Paris. ha.
I actually was considering another year overseas where I was last year, and then also considering a move to San Antonio where I could get hired on pretty easily but I am not sure yet about leaving OKC. I'm going out of town THursday for all next weekend, but when I get back definitely going to be hitting schools and govt agencies and see where I might be a good fit. hopefully something!
I went to a fourum Tuesday night at the full circle book store here in OKC; it was a discussion on H.D. Thorough's "Economy" and poverty in Oklahoma. I came away focusing on the idea that you are as wealthy as you are happy with what you have. ANd really I"m actually fine with what I have at this point, I just need full time work and health plan again.
WOrking at the water park has been a lot of fun. Meeting the people I work with, and then walking around the park with security guys now and then and checking out the people walking around, love the dumb guys wearing swimsuits with no idea its showing RIGHT THERE in front. hate the fat tattooed guys with way too many tattoos. ugh.
I met with at trainer last week who is 60, a woman, told me she was into the leather scene for many years in California, been doing training since 79 and fully ceritified, and I know she's good because a bud of mine is getting ripped and has used her for 5 months; she's tough! she's also $40 an hour and I'd have to join her gym 4 miles north of my house for $39 a month and I'm unsure of the memb. fee.... SO, yesterday I got the name of another great trainer who also is really into nutrition, who is a MAN and works out at a gym a mile away from my house, which is a 24 hour weight room and only $25 a month with no joining fee. ahh yeah so I'll be meeting with him this week to compare and then decide. probably I'll go for the gym down my steet and the dude though. That woman was something fierce. she made me sit or stand up completely straight the whole time we met, although I bet she's just as good and hard. I sort of prefer a guy for a trainier, sort of like I like an old man barber cutting my hair. I think a good experience barber understands the shape of my head better and a nice high and tight haircut in general.
ok now I' rambling. good week to all! comment below.... :)


JUSTIN said...

Based on my research (here, $40/hour for personal training seems reasonable. Having said can always talk people's rates down in this economy. Never hurts to ask!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Julia.
She's back in town? I thought she moved away.
If it is her, she is one tough gal. She will get you in shape.

Anonymous said...

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