Thursday, March 26, 2009

march school

so a kid crapped his pants monday and had to go call his mom to come bring him change of clothes, taught about microbial fuel cells tuesday and asking what they know about yeast, and some kid says is that like a yeast infection? and I say, no it's like yeast you use when baking bread, nurse came in to all my classes wednesday and spoke on HIV/AIDS, also I had two girls ask to go to the counselors cause kids were calling them strippers and hookers --this was because during spring break they both sent a topless picture to another 6th grade boy, one girl left her bra on the other didn't. so of course all parents were told and teachers were asked to stop any name calling or discussion in class about that between students. and today it was all about the Van Da Graaff generator hands on activity.

so a pretty eventful week, and overall it's really fulfilling doing what I love doing teaching and motivating and encouraging and sometimes just listening to KIDS. and with 6th gradeers, man! they are talkers when given a chance.

I'm not too excited about this weekend since we're supposed to get more than 4 inches of snow tomorrow evening. ha. I've also got to kick it into gear for teaching overseas next year. lately I'm researching Uruguay.


Mike said...

Did you get the email I sent you a few weeks back about teaching for the government? Just curious...

The whole sexting thing is amusing. 6th graders doing it... that's CRAZY! They're like 11 years old!

Anonymous said...

Just the other day on CNN they had a story about minors sending nude pics, and get this, some are being prosecuted as having possession of child pornography. If convicted the kids will have to register as sex offenders even after the age of 18.

I laughed at your student asking about yeast infections. Your student was not far off the mark, both species of yeast are in the same family.